Nines Time (sic)

I've been traveling this weekend, and I suppose the other guys on this
team have been busy as well (as expected), so nothing was done until
last night.
But everything changed! We already have a game idea.

Last night I saw the chosen theme and thought: "OK, nine times,
repetition, nine lifes, cats... A game where you're a cat that need to
die 8 times and use the dead bodies to get to the end of the level. It
could be situated on Egypt, after each level you could learn a new cat
skill (like falling, jumping). A bit cliché, but cool". So I decided
to check the entries diaries, an advantage of starting later on the
challenge, maybe ? This idea was the most adopted =/. So another one
would need to be find.
Fortunately Thiago "bolaum" Borges joined me and Antognolli on a
brainstorm (it took about 3 hours), and we decided the game we want to

It will be called 9s Time, and will be about digit 9 tyranny over the
other digits. You are a 6 undercovered for years studying the 9s and
providing information for you HQ so you could stop them, but your arms
fail after years of handplant and you need to survive for 9 minutes
until your pals rescue you. What's your weapon ? Math, dude! You need
to operate the number trying to get you.

Btw, while looking the entries I had a delightful surprise: we're not
the only ones intending to use efl bindings to accomplish this
challenge. killdream is going to do the same, check at . Yay!

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Undercover 6, that's brilliant :)
The link on the post is broken, it's pointing to, but the URI that appears on the text is correct, so use it instead of clicking the link.