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Hope to make something really cool this time around.


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Overall: 3.2
Fun: 2.8
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Innovation: 3.5

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gizmo_thunder 2011/04/09 12:52
Most probably the final submission
gizmo_thunder 2011/04/09 09:26
Screen shot of Menu
gizmo_thunder 2011/04/08 06:00
successful completion of level
gizmo_thunder 2011/04/06 21:58
gameplay screenshot
gizmo_thunder 2011/04/06 21:57

Diary Entries

Finally some Gameplay

I've missed one day of coding but have managed to get the gameplay up and running. I have to start working on the levels and graphics. I've switched to pygame from pyglet since it already provides the rect collisions which are good enough for my game. Now If i could just get some proper menu and level selection done ill' be good to go. I'm using Inkscape for the first time, so hopefully it will speed up things   

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Going good

Iv'e been able to create about 6 levels that i think are pretty good for the game. So here is the deal.. you have to light the bulb using a ball which can pick up voltage as you bounce. As you might have guessed it, the bulb has a resistance of 9 ohms hence you have to bounce 9 times before you touch the bulb to light it up :) (assuming the current is 1Amp)
If you have less voltage the bulb doesn't glow and if there is too much voltage then the bulb breaks.

I need to start working on the menu and audio.
Here are the game screenshots

As you can see I've tried to embed the help into the level itself. I hope this will reduce entry barrier for the game. Also i tried to incorporate "Tangential Learning" by including the concepts of electric circuits (though vaguely) into the gameplay.


There is always something Left to do

I've managed to code the menu and the level locking mechanism. Worked on creating the artwork for the menu. If you beat the best times of a level, complete without using hints the medals appear on the levels. Im' pretty happy with what i have for the menu, and how the data is handled for storing the play through information. I still have to add audio though.

I might add more levels, but the priority right now is to get some audio work done. Also since i used inkscape as level editor, anybody can create levels for the game and all they have to play the level they create is to copy the svg file in the data directory and it will show up in the menu. You will have to play the previous level (in the menu) to unlock it though :)

Here is a screenshot of the menu in action.

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