Going good

Iv'e been able to create about 6 levels that i think are pretty good for the game. So here is the deal.. you have to light the bulb using a ball which can pick up voltage as you bounce. As you might have guessed it, the bulb has a resistance of 9 ohms hence you have to bounce 9 times before you touch the bulb to light it up :) (assuming the current is 1Amp)
If you have less voltage the bulb doesn't glow and if there is too much voltage then the bulb breaks.

I need to start working on the menu and audio.
Here are the game screenshots

As you can see I've tried to embed the help into the level itself. I hope this will reduce entry barrier for the game. Also i tried to incorporate "Tangential Learning" by including the concepts of electric circuits (though vaguely) into the gameplay.

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Cool art style. I'm looking forward to giving this game a shot.
That's a great idea, and the game looks good too. I'll make sure to give your final entry a try :D