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At first, I thought it was a great and simple concept, but it didn't take long until I realized how hard it would be to play this game. The hint system is definitely a plus, but even with the hint, I had difficulty aiming the ball correctly to hit nine times in the later levels. Having a notion of where the ball should go isn't so hard as you can mentally trace a path backwards, but it's hard to make it go where you want it to go. Maybe an optional guiding system would help as in pool games. Anyway, I like the core of the idea.

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3 2 2

The idea is interesting, but it needed to be executed better.

2 3 3

It looks pretty, but I find it hard to do better than random (or a single run of zigzags).

4 4 4

Enjoyable little puzzle game.

2 3 3

With such extreme sensitivity to initial conditions, the position of the ball after a few bounces seems more or less chaotic. Utterly random whether you can hit the goal with the correct number of bounces - not even a trial and error approach seems to work.

5 5 5


3 3 4

I felt the link to the theme was a bit tenuous but otherwise a fun game.

3 3 3

The difficulty quickly ramped up beyond what I could handle. Perhaps some way to indicate the ball's trajectory might make it a bit easier and therefore more fun.

3 3 4

I had mixed feelings about this game. It's basically a pool game spinoff with oddly placed bumpers; or maybe a mini golf game with odd rules. I tend to like those for idle fun. I didn't take to this one so readily, though, and I'm not sure why. Perhaps it was the difficulty of accurately aiming the pointing device. Maybe if it was thinner, or just a single width line. Not sure.

The ball kind of still-framed across the screen: I would like to have seen smoother motion, and may with some effects for eye candy.

The "charge" rule gave the game a significantly different feel that I was compelled to rate it above average.

The "nine" aspect was there, but shallow. This could have been done as easily with 8 or 10.

I think I played through level 5, stopping in level 6. What kept me going that long was the ease of retrying the level. This was a nice feature, and I give you kudos for that. :)

I would like to try this again with more "goodies" in the future. Nice little game, definitely worthy of showing to friends.

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The idea is quite innovative and the game is polished but somehow it's not really fun. Even when I'm using hints it still seems like I beat the levels just because of luck. I really liked the music and the graphics style but the gameplay just didn't work for me.

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Interesting idea, but it only seems to be possible to succeed by sheer luck -- predicting the path of the ball after more than a few bounces is too hard.

3 4 3

Kinda slow. Surprised how well it worked: how hard to just bounce it exactly nine times in a tunnel, how hard it still was hint, and how well the hint path worked. Amazing sound work- music and fx blend beautifully.

2 2 4

It's a nice idea but boring gameplay, since you have no real way of predicting bouncing its all trial and error. A prediction for the first 3 or 4 bounces woulda been nice but still the game would need some other feature to make it more interesting.

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Good idea but not very into the theme... Regarding the game strategy I feel like I have to try randomly several times until I get some good bounce combination.
Pay attention that if you start dragging the ball on a wire, as long as you keep the ball on the wire the bounces increase, so you can easily cheat all the levels.

5 4 4

Very fun game! If I can nitpick, I think there should be an option showing your last shot, as a way to know exactly what you did last time and improve your next shot. But that is just a tiny detail, actually it is a great game, a great idea and a great execution. Kudos to you!

3 3 3

This game is hard.

3 4 4

liked the idea of nine bounces/volts.

4 5 4

The animation framerate was as crisp as a fried aubergine. The game lends itself to exploration because the player isn't punished for attempting the same level 6 times before a success. I haven't yet had the urge to replay the game. But when that day comes, I will know where to find it. Thank you for this refreshing slice of heaven served in a zip file.

2 4 4

Well executed, but nine is just way too many times to be able to use skill to pull this off. Every time I did it was just luck or trial and error.

1 1 1

Bueller?... Bueller?... Bueller?... Bueller?... Bueller?... Bueller?...

2 3 3

Slightly addictive but too hard to be fun

4 4 5

Simple idea with great fun play.

Background music very nice. GFX simply but efficient.

3 4 3

Ridiculously hard. Also, the ball isn't going to the direction I send it.

3 3 3

sometimes it is too complicated