not enough levels
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Glorious Afterlife!
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Overall: 2.9
Fun: 2.6
Production: 2.4
Innovation: 3.7

5% respondents marked the game as not working.
Respondents: 19


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alkazar 2011/04/10 03:44
kakarotsan 2011/04/09 23:37
kakarotsan 2011/04/09 23:36

Diary Entries

HogePiyo - Fun on a bun

I must say, this was quite an enjoyable experience. Our game didn't turn out quite the way I had hoped, the graphics (what graphics?) suck, and the controls are horrible and buggy, but at least the core idea is implemented. I just hope that what we do have is able to at least somehow communicate that core idea and give a sense of "this would be cool if it were actually done properly".

I see at least one other entry, "Forever End", that uses at least somewhat similar mechanics to our game. In fact, in our brainstorming session the idea of transporting through various times in history came up, but was quickly discarded because it seemed like it would be a lot of work to do all the graphics to properly differentiate between the time periods.

I think it is interesting that the "Nine Times" theme, despite not being directly related to traveling between historic periods or between dimensions, seems to have led at least two different teams in the same general direction with regards to their game mechanics. A mechanic which I had thought seemed new and novel...

Also, I see lots of people went with cat themes. I lol'd. We did this too, it seemed logical at the time, our motif was Egypt and mummies and mummified cats seemed like a natural fit. I guess we should have expected lots of cats.... oh well.