PyWeek - HogePiyo - feedback

Fun Prod Inno Disq N/W Comments
4 2 4

Nice idea, and could have produced some really interesting puzzles.

Pity about the lack of levels.

Flipping between dimensions and colliding with an existing object seemed a bit buggy at times.

2 3 3

Concept is great. Got stuck quite fast. It seems one needs a way to restart a level.

2 2 3

The physics issues let this game down and it's very easy to get stuck in an unwinnable state. With no (obvious) way to restart a level, this means replaying from the beginning every time, which is frustrating.

5 3 4

Fun. Really fun. Want more levels!

3 3 4

Protagonist nicely drawn but other art incomplete. Physics buggy but fun. Not an easy game to give one number to in any category. :)

1 3 3

got stuck all the time on the floor and between blocks user should have the choice for

2 2 4

Promising concept.

5 5 5

4 4 5

Highly innovative game and good creative use of the theme. I think it is very difficult to win the complex levels while playing the first time.

3 3 4

Cool idea and cute cat. Too bad it's kind of buggy and there seems to be no way to restart a level if you get stuck in the ground. If you make a more playable version I'd love top lay it.

1 2 2

Can't understand how to play

3 2 3

i don't see the pointer to use against the blocks

3 2 5

It was hard to run, because of the additional libraries. I like the idea of two parallel dimension, so innovation is exceptional for me, but it was little bit too hard and little bit boring.

3 2 5

Really hard to run this game. This game has good gameplay but really poor graphics. Also it is not funny to play that one at all.

2 1 3

Not enough here for me to feel strongly one way or another. I like the physics aspect. I would like to see more. :)

1 1 3

the (interesting) basic idea is awfully implemented and the production is nonexistant.

2 2 3

Good concept, but too bad it lacked more gameplay elements and any kind of restart or UI

2 1 4

This would be really cool if was done properly. Lots of potential here. I got to the crash that happens due to level 4 not being implemented, but probably not the way that was designed. I just kinda clicked and right clicked and glitched around until I got to the green thing.

1 1 1 yes

Sorry I'm having trouble installing Box2d! If I get it working before judging finishes, I'll
come back and run your game!

2 2 3

It was quite good. I mostly won by jumping really high after getting stuck in a block.