Hey there!

I'm a "professional" software developer that builds games for fun! For the most part I work with other people I know through an online community (IRC: Espernet, #nerdparadise) though we've started to pull some friends in.

I enjoyed my first PyWeek entry and I'm very much looking forward to getting to know the community around here and building more =)



PyWeek Game Team Rating
18 Saving Sylvia Team NP Special 1-Hour Kamikazee Edition 3.22
13 A study in futility DNF
12 Shattered Silence NP3G 3.53
11 Shackled Stones Team Nerd Paradise 3.47
10 Soul Shenanigans Nerd Paradise 3.54

Falun's awards

Must hack this game to win!!! Presented by knowledge for Saving Sylvia

Speedy Award Presented by circusblatta for Saving Sylvia

Most Cultured Zombie Horde Presented by hodgestar for Shattered Silence

Most Epic Intro Presented by superjoe for Shattered Silence

Cuddliest Demolition Expert Presented by gcewing for Shackled Stones

Most implausible source of funds in an adventure game Presented by gcewing for Shackled Stones

Most useless airship Presented by drnlm for Shackled Stones

Epicly epic epic Presented by Cosmologicon for Shackled Stones

Biggest Nerds Presented by Snack for Shackled Stones

Flawless Production Presented by adam for Soul Shenanigans

Best pixelation Award 2010. Presented by illume for Soul Shenanigans