It wibbles! It wobbles! Current screenshot of our wibbly wobbly effect.

Soul Shenanigans

You play a wizard who has unfortunately blasted his soul out from his body and out into world that you have to recollect. Be careful, if you lose any of the pieces, your mind will start to go wibbly wobbly until you pass out. We tried to mimic an NES-style 2D platform game. Press F or W to toggle full screen and widescreen respectively. Plug in a USB controller for maximum enjoyment!


Flawless Production
Presented by adam

Best pixelation Award 2010.
Presented by illume

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Overall: 3.5
Fun: 3.4
Production: 4.5
Innovation: 2.7

Respondents: 29


File Uploader Date
After getting reports of it crashing on linux, I had to rename a few files to make it case sensitive. Also, I added the required README.txt which was overlooked.
blakeohare 2010/04/04 05:27
Found corrupted level files. No code changes in this version.
blakeohare 2010/04/04 01:41
It wibbles! It wobbles! Current screenshot of our wibbly wobbly effect.
blakeohare 2010/03/31 06:28
Finally some art I'm happy with.
Falun 2010/03/31 06:12
quick preview of things so far
blakeohare 2010/03/29 23:42

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SVN repo up!

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Art fail and where I belong

The first several hours of my first PyWeek were pretty brutal for me (psychologically). I'm normally a developer more than artist (which is to say I almost never do art) but wasn't expecting to have much free time to spend on coding so I'm filling in where there are gaps. And boy is there still a gap! I have sketches of what I want and I know what it should look like on the screen but for the life of me I can not make my ideas fit into the style we're going after. Just a reminder of where I actually belong on projects like this.

Anyway, after a few hours of frustration I finally gave up on the art side for the evening and threw together the beginnings of a cutscene framework and background music manager. Nothing fantastic but I was able to do it without stepping on Blake's toes and got a little bit of polish type work already started. Hopefully in a few days not having to worry about those details will be a bit of a reprieve.

All told I'm pretty happy with day1 progress and can't wait to see what the rest of the week holds.

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Another day down, more progress made.

Brief update!
  • There is now have a level editor so folks can start producing levels while he is working on building out more of the mechanics.
  • Spears Dracona has done some awesome pixel art for us (the wizard sprite + all the tiles we have thus far)
  • I've fixed up the cut-scene engine a bit so text is actually displayed and did some first pases at art for the intros (I still am not happy with it but progress is progress).
  • Levels have doors and win conditions now!
  • We have finalized a plot.

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  • Blake is basically kicking ass and taking names on the code front.
  • Spears has made some awesome progress with an entire new tileset for caverns.
  • Kirin gave us an animated enemy sprite. Ph1n and ikanread are dropping hot beats (so to speak).
  • And last (but hopefully not least) I'm finally making some progress on cut-scene art that I don't hate:

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So here we are at the last 40 minutes

We've got all our levels beatable and more or less complete with enemies and finished(ish) layout.  We've got to hide our powerups in the levels soon.  Things are looking dangerous before our time runs out.

Game is stable, most content ready.  Hopefully it won't be too bad.

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Oh noes!

We just got a report that this breaks in Linux (or really any OS that has a case-sensitive file system).  As soon as I get home I'll try to find a system I can test on and get a patch up so you guys can play too but this won't be until much later tonight =(

Sorry about that!


Report from the field, Ubuntu + pygame

I think this has already been mentioned in the pygame forums(/messages/discussion-thing) but a friend reported problems to me so it's worth noting again that Ubuntu 9.10 doesn't include pygame 1.9 in apt. So, if you want to play our game you'll need to get the latest pygame I've tested 9.10 with pygame 1.9 from here and it seems to work fine.

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