Art fail and where I belong

The first several hours of my first PyWeek were pretty brutal for me (psychologically). I'm normally a developer more than artist (which is to say I almost never do art) but wasn't expecting to have much free time to spend on coding so I'm filling in where there are gaps. And boy is there still a gap! I have sketches of what I want and I know what it should look like on the screen but for the life of me I can not make my ideas fit into the style we're going after. Just a reminder of where I actually belong on projects like this.

Anyway, after a few hours of frustration I finally gave up on the art side for the evening and threw together the beginnings of a cutscene framework and background music manager. Nothing fantastic but I was able to do it without stepping on Blake's toes and got a little bit of polish type work already started. Hopefully in a few days not having to worry about those details will be a bit of a reprieve.

All told I'm pretty happy with day1 progress and can't wait to see what the rest of the week holds.