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pixel-art lecture
Presented by nitrofurano

Everyone < 3 pixel art
Presented by Hugoagogo

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Overall: 2.7
Fun: 2.8
Production: 2.9
Innovation: 2.3

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Respondents: 27


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Diary Entries

First :)

We are from Tokyo,Japan and We are interested in THINKING ABOUT GAME and MAKING GAME.
Please continue your favors toward you,Thanks ;)

We are making game :D !! We enjoy its challenge.

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Ok, I decied to "Game",but It is difficult to make "Completed" game.

Ok,We make "Completed" game in the head.But It is difficult to make its "Completed" Game in real.
Yeah,but...We enjoy making game ;) It is very good to play game,and to make game. haha!!

When everyone thinks this game to be to be seem interesting, we are glad. (We are convinced of becoming of this game interest ;) )


This is Our Game UML(?)

I make with itkz,who is great Programmer.But,I am confused because of reading his coUde...I am poor skill of Python Programming.Then,I draw like Code UML.I know that Little Program should not be draw by UML, But I am *SHIT* code maker,and I understard code by Drawing. When you see,You are inspired by it,We are gred.Thanks.