This is Our Game UML(?)

I make with itkz,who is great Programmer.But,I am confused because of reading his coUde...I am poor skill of Python Programming.Then,I draw like Code UML.I know that Little Program should not be draw by UML, But I am *SHIT* code maker,and I understard code by Drawing. When you see,You are inspired by it,We are gred.Thanks.

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I'm in pretty much the same situation. I have a few container classes like Vec2d and tiledtmxloader, but then I just have a giant God class named "Game."
I think most people are using the same convention :) at least i have it the same way.
I can't figure out how to beat the second room. Can I get a hint?
I exploited the fact that you can shoot the dude through the wall when he's poking through.
Oh, you can shoot? Well that clears things up. It's not mentioned in the README or in the game, but inspecting the source I see that you press X. :)
So how did you beat the first room without shooting? O__o
You just run into her. It seemed like an obvious thing to try. :)
I think I discovered shooting by looking at the source code when I got stuck on level 2 ;-)