PyWeek - Team Hametsu - feedback

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2 2 2

I found it a little too hard. Once got to level 5 and there was no monster.

3 3 2

Cute platformer game. That the bullet limit isn't properly implemented makes
it rather easier than it should be.

1 3 1

I wish you would have left a more detailed read me. I had no idea how to beat the second level.

3 3 3

A short game but still fun.

1 2 2


3 3 3

Neat idea. It wasn't really clear though if the boss's bullets were hurting me or not. Maybe some kind of damage meter would be appropriate?

2 3 2

Cute graphics, but buggy and frustrating to play.

4 3 4

I like all the different bosses, although most of them did pretty much exactly the same thing. I like the idea of your life being the same as your ammo, that was a new challenge. The motion is pretty smooth and easy to control, although one time I got stuck in the ceiling and had to restart. I think the scoring is a bit broken, unless you're trying for the lowest possible score....

3 3 2

love the pixel art..

4 3 3

Very cute graphics and game idea is fine. Maybe you should tell the player that he needs ALL nine bullets to kill all nine bosses (I lost at the first game because I shot a few times to find the shot key).

3 3 3

It would have helped a little bit of music and sound effects. I like the protagonist picture anyway :-D

3 3 3

Could not cross levels. The intersection between sprites is not properly handled. Could not figure out controls to bomb or attack.

3 3 2

Having limited ammo is interesting. Unfinished? Enemy bullets seem to be harmless, and the level with the black background and strange doodles doesn't seem to have any enemy.

1 1 1 yes

Did not follow the theme of the challenge

4 3 3

good idea

4 4 3

A nice little platformer and lovely pixel graphics.

3 3 3

The game has a couple problems (it hangs after either dying or winning, and the collision detection is not perfect; also, you forgot to write in the Readme file that x is the shooting key), but on the good side the game is actually fun to play. Nice art, too!

3 3 2

pretty hard to complete. maybe could make the level restart if you die.

3 4 1

Yes, fun game.

Just add music and little sound.
Adjust monsters movement for more fun
Reduce speed

2 3 2

Not that amusing

4 3 3

Fun to play, but it would have been much better with sound.

2 3 2

Nice graphics. The gameplay idea you chose was hard, but unfortunately not in a fun way. I had to go spelunking through your source code to find out that I needed to press 'X' to shoot. But if I press it more than once on any given level, I am doomed to get a game over. That's not fun.

4 5 2

So happy with this game, it is the first game that i have played yet this pyweek that i have properly enjoyed because i havent spent it fighting with it, and it dosent go at about 3 fps.

This game runs smoothly, doesn't bug up too much unless you die, and looks good

Great job

2 1 1

It worked. I like the retro graphics. Good colors, funny bosses, a health bar.

I killed four... five bosses? I could not tell. I wanted to see more info about my progress, and how many bullets I have.

Also, it seemed pointless to continue if I used more than one bullet to kill a boss. I would prefer to start the level over, or start the game over instead of stopping and re-running the program.

I hope you had fun making the game, and that you find my comments helpful. :)

1 2 1

+ i like the gfx - not enjoyable - How am i supposed to learn how to fire? By trial and error?

2 2 2

Controls on the character were pretty nice, I like the idea of using health to fire bullets, but when there's only one enemy per level, it feels a bit more like "can you get to the boss and push the win key" - rather tahn a tactical decision.

I think you might want some health regen between levels, otherwise the game just becomes "can you finish all the levels without taking any damage?" and the "health" aspect of it seems a bit frivolous.

The game seems to hang on a blue screen when you game over?

5 5 5