March 2006 challenge: “It runs on steam!”

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Glacticus would be a (m)morts set in far future with starships larger then starts and made purely of energy. Also game would be in 3d with PyOpenGl, the game play would consist of traditional RTS on a 2d map which is the entire galaxy. It would be fully persistent so when player logs out their armies would still be on the map for other players to kill or be killed buy. The game play would consist of correct allocation of energy and time into massive starships, base construction and research and skill at fast tactical decisions under fire. The basic setting would be to get to the core of the galaxy and keep it as log as possible for core contains most amounts of energy. Visit ti at

Entrant: Treeform

Team Trailblazer

We were in the first pyweek but with all of the new members and all the people moving out we're almost an entirely new team. Our team website is

Our game was a top-down shooter with a mimic of the "USS Monitor" as the hero. It has a level editor and even a website.

Team: mcferrill, cooldmz, PyTM30, koide, mcmillen, gt3, DocTiger

Rts-fans (Boilersuit)

We've created a turn-based strategy game, where you can control a steam-powered mech in single player or hotseat mode. Battle-outcomes are determined through insult-fighting, where you learn new insults as the game progresses.

The game updates the online Highscore list if you can win the game. :)


Team: andreas, zratchet, jojoone, Oliver Stannus, roebros, King Savage

20,000 Light Years Into Space

A steampunk-themed real-time strategy game.

Entrant: jack

Remnants of the First Universe

Entrant: Tee


  • — TEH Full game! K3Y G3n3d, Craxzore'D ~N~ rdy 2 rock!
It's a little space ship! Made out of pixels! And, um. It runs on steam?

Entrant: Frem

Salt and Vinegar

Just a bunch of random people from Edmonton who thought it'd be neat to give it a go. Erik and I have done previous LD48's and a 72HGDC and are bringing on board a tonne of our friends to help. Teachers, singers, coders, artists, and more!

Team: erik, Jay

The Awesome Block Game

A game with no sounds, sprites, or fonts. Fun eh?

Entrant: eugman


This is my first entry into a competition. Relatively new to python, but I'll see what I can do...

Entrant: PrintStar

Sweclockers Python Coders

The bad part of finnishing in the last minutes is that you can get some really bad bugs. After deadline-bugfix entry

Team: Jonex, Srekel, viblo

Nik Baer's Solo Entry

Game didn't quite get done in time. Something still askew in the physics for the trains, which makes it hard to get pas t the point where the cars all link up. Hope you can at least appreciate the effort.

Entrant: nikolajbaer


SteamPong - Steam-powered Pong.

Entrant: lemach


a point&click adventure project

Entrant: crimbil


This project will be a one-man effort by a Python scripter who cut his teeth in the Bridge Commander community. Expect things to go wrong. Very wrong.

Entrant: SimRex

A virtual machine?
A compiler?
A graphical ide?
Steam powered?
Are you sure it's still a game?

Announcing "S.T.I.M."
the vaporware game that will leave you
asking even more questions...

Is it turing complete?
You'll have to find out for yourself!!!
The Python Users Group from Argentina.

Team: leito, alecu, lucio, tenuki, nubis

Chris Wilson

This is a solo entry by ciw42

Entrant: ciw42

Army of Aerojockey

Hopefully I won't get sick for this contest. I have pretty good experience in 3-D gaming, but for this contest I'm almost certanly going to make a 2-D sidescroller.

Entrant: aerojockey


Entrant: gizmo_thunder


Team: kami, Kaze, Bob


Team: shang, RabiD, arzi, liimo

Team Landshark

Team: gehn, fraxl, boom87boom, Mellzah, theungry, witten

Nelly's Rooftop Garden

Entrant: alex


A tetris-like with steam trains! ;)

Known bugs:
- No time limit warnings!
- No indication of "score this level" for score-limited levels
- When you lose your last life due to time running out, you get the level start screen before the game over screen
- High score music doesn't work
- Music loops in the wrong places

Known problems that aren't technically bugs:
- Score limit in level 4 is ridiculously high. To change this, open "levels/4.goals" and change the line that says 500000 to something more realistic - 20000, for example. Either that or remove the time limit and play for a very, very long time ;)

Entrant: mangobrain

The Olde Battleaxe

We'll be posting our progress on this site, but if you are interested in seeing our planning, etc as we go along, you can also check out our website at

mirror of final source tgz

Team: illume, philhassey, timinge, aaron

Trip on the Funny Boat

The game is side scrolling arcade shooter game on a steamboat equipped with a cannon and the ability to jump. The player will need to take advantage of waves to defeat the enemies and dodge hazards.
The team members are Pekuja (code,graphics,sound), Hectigo (code,graphics) and JDruid (music).
The team can possibly be found on the #pyweek IRC channel with their respective nicks.
The game's website can be found at

Team: pekuja, Hectigo, JDruid


Hi All. I am entering the contest solo. This will be my second major application written in python. I look forward to the contest.

Entrant: nansub0111

Steam of the Colossus!

I'm the schmo that runs the PyWeek challenge. Mostly I run it so I get to compete in it :) I'm in Melbourne, Australia.

My entry is quite a simple one - I only spent about 25 hours of the actual week programming and doing the graphics for it. I didn't want to stress out by setting the bar really high, and I had fun with just the simple little game. I learnt to use PGU which was good too.

OS X users will need to disable the sounds - see my diary entry on the issue.

Entrant: richard


Name: sjbrown
Waterloo, ON, Canada

It's a game where you maintain a rainbow by heating up some water and blowing steam at it. I want to keep it very simple as it's a solo project and I want to sink a lot of time into art/sound.

Also this will give me (hopefully) time to play test it with people and make last-day tweaks.

Win 32 Users:
Don't run it from source. Best to just download the big prebuilt zip file. Unless you apply the patch ''. Also if you choose to apply the patch, and change that method in '', you'll need to add "allImages={}" to the __init__ method of ManualHeater.

Entrant: sjbrown


Entrant: Factory


TenjouUtena, ataraxia 's Steam game, called Steeem. You will need: Numeric, Polygon, PyOpenGL, pygame, pygext, PyODE to play. Have fun! Get with TenjouUtena on IRC if you find a bug. (please?)

Team: TenjouUtena, ataraxia


A small group of people from israel trying to build a little game with steam-shaping action.

The participants:
eltriuqS (Nir) - coding
uri - coding
Cobra (shay) - gave up on pyweek
yuriyuriyuri - two first concept screenshots
uri's sister - artwork?

Team: Cobra, eltriuqS, uri

Steam Pipe Dreams

You work for the brilliant scientist Professor Werner Von Trapple. He is currently researching a cure for cancer, but needs to conduct some experiments.

He's hired you as the worlds foremost expert on building Steam Pipes to help connect his boiler to his 'machine' which will perform the experiments automatically.

The 'machine' doesn't need plain, boring steam though. You'll have to place some additives into the steam and provide it at the correct pressure! To cap it off you'll have to do all of this inside a strict time limit!

Fire up that boiler!

Entrant: andrew_j_w

Mindless Game Studio

Having taken PyWeek #1 and had great fun, we return to take PyWeek #2 too. Have been waiting for this long ago :)

Team members: Syl, kukkerman, goss, Ron

Team: Ron, kukkerman, Syl, goss


Steam Powered Mayhem

Entrant: sj


Just a lone guy from Portland Oregon who wants to make a game.

Entrant: theycallhimtom