zanthor title

The Olde Battleaxe

We'll be posting our progress on this site, but if you are interested in seeing our planning, etc as we go along, you can also check out our website at

mirror of final source tgz


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Overall: 3.3
Fun: 3.3
Production: 3.7
Innovation: 2.9

Respondents: 24


File Uploader Date
final source zip
philhassey 2006/04/02 00:01
zanthor title
philhassey 2006/04/01 23:57
ingame shot
philhassey 2006/04/01 23:56
final source tgz
philhassey 2006/04/01 23:55
latest source code with a few game play changes. joystick support.
illume 2006/03/30 05:22
and crazy explosions!
philhassey 2006/03/27 05:39
now with burning coal piles!
philhassey 2006/03/27 04:29
lots of steam!
philhassey 2006/03/27 03:28

Diary Entries

Hello gerbals.

I can't wait to produce some interesting text files, image files, and sound files.


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pyweek 2 for all

this team is the same as philhassey from pyweek 1 + illume + maybe a friend of illume's.

we'll be using

pygame, pgu, rdpy, py2exe modplug, gimp, audacity, n-track, subversion, and more!

lookin' forward to the contest! if anyone has some last minute bug fixes they need in pgu, e-mail me and i'll get out another bugfix release before pyweek begins.

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using php ... in PYweek?

this might just be a dumb question, but my team is thinking it might be fun to make a pygame game that connects to a central server for some multi-player aspects.

would it be okay if the server app was php/mysql? all competitors would be able to play the game using only python, since nobody would have to install the server app. (although it would be available if someone wanted to see how it worked, etc...)


the olde battleaxe pyweek website

the olde battleaxe has its pyweek website (wiki) up and running at

there isn't really anything to check out, so i'm not sure why i'm mentioning it. maybe just so as to publicly invite anyone who wants to deface it. have at :)

i guess on a team status line, i also got a subversion repository set up for the team and ftp set up for the team. rah rah.

richard, is there a place i can add this link to a description of my team or something? not super important, but it might be convenient.

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pgu-0.10.2 -- bugfix release

for anyone who has been using pgu, this bug fix release addresses numerous minor bugs. it also includes some minor enhancements to make the system slightly more user-friendly. Please see examples/ and examples/ to see the cleanup and updates in action.

pgu website

I'll be available in #pyweek for the next two weeks as well as during the contest to answer any questions, provide help. Please check out this latest release, if any final bugs are found I can wrap those up before the contest as well.

- fixed: gui11, when everything is removed scroll bar is removed
    too soon!
- fixed: gui11, graphical crud shows up after removing stuff, sometimes
- fixed: Select can drop below window sometimes, and it looks bad.
    now Selects that are at the bottom of the screen may go upwards.
- added: ProgressBar widget & documentation.
- fixed: if the widget in the scroll doesn't fill it up,
    doing any scrolling causes a crash
- fixed: gui.Menus not working due to focus related fixes
- added: widget.connect gets *values, not just value to pass on
    so that you can have multi-param methods.  See widget.connect
    documentation for details.
- added: widget.send can send the event and the widget to
    the reciever if the receiving fnc has the params named
    _widget or _event or _code.  See widget.connect documentation.
- fixed: disabled items in scrollarea don't get alpha-ized due to 
   alpha image that is being drawn to.
- fixed: scrollers don't scroll quite like normal scrollers do...
- fixed: slider size can get too small
- added: scrollbars added in arrows, so that they are scrollbars
    instead of just sliders.
- fixed: sliders & scrollbars inconsistent, and don't look good
- fixed: weird border in scrollarea, sometimes...
- fixed: internal cleanup of ScrollBox, etc.  the scollers will
    automatically appear when the sub-widget gets bigger, smaller, etc.
- fixed: when you click on a disabled widget, 
    the click can slip to a non-disabled widget
- added: .disabled, .focusable attributes to widgets, 
    see widget.widget documentation
- fixed: .add, .remove for Container, Table, Document so they
    all work properly. adjusted to demo accordingly
- fixed: select to work, by adding an improper use of resize ;)
- fixed: a number of improper uses of resize()
- fixed: gui.Table to only resize() something a second time
    if it _really_ needs to
- fixed: gui.Table to clear() out old rows properly
- fixed: gui.Widget so that chsize() would work a lot faster (thus
    the example is very nice and smooth now, doesn't feel like
    it is lagging anymore.)
- fixed: ScrollBox a lot faster by using double buffering
    this will, however, require a lot of memory for large buffers
    but hopefully that won't be a problem, it makes examples/ blaze
    during scrolling, whereas before it was quite slow even on my 2x3 GHz machine.
- fixed: "calling Button.event() before Button.paint() causes crash"
- fixed: "container.remove makes a widget stop working but not disappear"
- fixed: some docs about a bug whereby container.add(w) won't work     
    after the app is running

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some concept ideas we have had.

Here's some sketches we've made for game concepts. Still no code done yet.
galaxy view.

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some more sketches by aka

Quick Sketches --


Place holder art, starting on basic game play.

We're using some place holder art, and starting on basic game play. What it shows here is the basic layout of the interface. with the three status boxes on the right, and the iso view in the middle. It also shows the start of a pick up coal dialog when the robot goes over some coal. There's a bunch of bugs with it at the moment.

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for those using pgu.isovid

if anyone is trying to use pgu.isovid and are having troubles, please get ahold of me, and i'll send you a patched version. we're using it for our entry, and there are a few odd-ball bugs that could make it hard to use! Hope that helps!

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Game play idea complete... I think.

We've mangled all of our ideas for gameplay into something that all of us think will be really fun. We just need to decide if playing as the human, and as the steam powered castle would be fun or too complicated. Here is a screen shot of the game with the placeholder art.
And here are the game play ideas...

You play as a human, and as a walking/flying castle.

1800s victorian past atmosphere, mixed with some future elements. Using wild steam powered junk castles.

You play as a weapons inspector, and inforcer searching for, and destroying nukes weapon factories before they are finished.

there are coal mining trucks sent out by the city to collect coal.

You can stop the coal trucks to slow the factory down from completing construction.

You need to pick up coal, and water.

You can push around rubble.

the human is there to control the castle. But the castle has a mind of it's own. The human can get out and pick up coal and water. The human is smaller than the castle, so it can fit in other places the castle can't go.

The human does not use resources to move. This solves the problem that the castle can run out of coal and the player then loses.

You use water, and coal to power parts of your castle. Moving uses up steam, so does firing cannons. The heavier your castle the more steam it needs to run.

You can pick up pieces of junk and add them onto your castle. Like engines, armour, cannons.

Cannon towers that shoot you will be placed on the map.

the player can install / uninstall a part in the robot when he is next to the robot

what rewards will the player get
  • having at least one new and interesting part per level
  • destroying nuke factories.
  • gaining ranks amongst the weapons inspectors.
elements in the game...
  • castle
  • human
  • factory
  • coal
  • water
  • cannon towers
  • walls
  • baddie robots. not castles, but smaller sleaker ones.

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lots of steam for all

i had lots of fun creating this steam particle effect for our game.

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now with burning coal


and now with crazy explosions

gee, particle effects are fun to make...


AI robots, cannon towers, auto scolling level, walls, rubble, steam, coal, water stats... download!

Here's the latest source .zip

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new graphics, game play, speed, and hopefully fun!

Download and play here: zip file source

new graphics!

Can also shoot baddies, and shoot the walls.

I've started putting in more game play stuff. Now all of the unit types use the same base class. So they all use steam, and need coal & water to make steam.

We did a few speed optimizations to hopefully get it running at 30FPS even with lots of baddies, and particle effects on screen.

Aka has done some new graphics. But he's not finished yet, still a bunch to go.

We also still have a lot of game play elements to finish. As well as to do the interface, menu screen, credits screen, etc etc.

We need to start putting in some sounds and music. Tim has made one song which sounds really cool! But it's not included yet.

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more picture interface thing

here's our latest interface...

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a fun README.txt

KEYBOARD: arrows or wasd - to move. F10 pause. f/space/ctrl to fire.
MOUSE:    button one move.  button two fire.
JOYSTICK: game pad move.  button 1 fire.

                                 We love you.
                   Thank you for downloading.
       ' '  .       Thank you for installing.
        .' '                             
         !"'          Thank you for clicking.
          `'           Thank you for loading.
          _()()__      Thank you for playing.
         |       |                           
         |       |     Thank you for quiting.    
       // \    /  \\  Thank you uninstalling.
       || |    |  ||
      //       |    \ Thank you for deleting.

Sanity is as overrated as a nuclear bomb.

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interface work. next level, game over == game?

I spent tonight cutting out the interface, getting ready to put it in to the game once it has been completed. I still have a bunch to do on the interface. I need to hook up the stat indicators on the left. I need to make the save/load/news/quit buttons work. The text message box needs to work too. But I think I'll sleep for soon.

It has been interesting working with other people on the other side of the earth. You go to sleep and wake up to find all sorts of goodies done.

As well as people on the other side of the earth I am working with someone in the same city. So we have had a few days together working on stuff, which was interesting.

I also got a game over state, and a next level state happening. So you can lose, and win this game now.

Bla bla bla. Too I drank too much coffee yesterday. Time to sleep now. Here is another screenshot.

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did you use PGU?

Hey, I'm interested in some feedback on how PGU served you (or didn't!) in this competition.


Congrats on playing! Thanks Phil, Aaron, and Time. Special thanks Richard! Thanks Zanthor!

Hello everyone!

Congratulations to everyone who played in pyweek2.

Congratulations to Phil, Tim, and Aaron who were all great fun to play with over the pyweek2.

Richard. Thanks.

I got some sleep with five hours left. I was just going to 'rest my eyes for 30 minutes'. HAHAHAHA. Luckily Tim and Phil finished it off, and managed to be awake to upload our final entry.

Our timeline was setup so that we would get a playable game done in the first two days. Which we kind of did in a way. You could walk around picking up coal. At one stage we had coal trucks, factories, and robots in the game. Then they were replaced with peasants. Then the game took a little bit of a change.

The last couple of days were spent madly trying to get things finished. We ended up simplifying things in order to get it finished. Which is the way of things I guess. The game fits into the time you get.


watermelons !! a fun post-pyweek2 game

pekuja, philhassey, and treeform got together on irc this evening and cranked out this whacky game about bouncing watermelons on a trampoline in about 4 hours. enjoy!

source tgz | source zip


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zanthor post compo update

lots of bug fixes
graphical touchups
and more!

.tgz and windows .zip available, windows installer coming soon!

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