PyWeek - The Olde Battleaxe - feedback

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5 4 2

Loved the voiced music.

1 4 4


2 5 2

I loved the production, I loved the intro, everything was going great... and then I actually started to play the game. I didn't really find the fun here. Maybe I didn't quite get the mechanics or something, but it didn't seem to play well. And I couldn't mark it highly for innovation because it felt to me like the theme just got shoehorned into a standard dungeon game. Beautiful production and polish work, though!

2 2 1

Well well.. The menu and the theme song was really fun, but unfortunately the was not that much.. The graphical elements were very different of style; there was no need for any tactics, not even with towers - just keep pressing fire and rush.

However, I enjoyed the Diablo-like mindless killing mayhem :)

2 4 4

I personally liked dynamite better but this one's kinda cool too. :)

3 2 2

though simple, this game is quite fun

4 3 2

Zanthor comes and Zanthor kills! It's quite rare to see this much awesomeness and attitude all
packed in one game. The gameplay is a bit simple and uninteresting, but the funny aspects of the
game make it work as an experience nevertheless.

5 5 5

very very fun game!

2 3 3

It looks like more time was spent on the menu system that on the game. The menu is cool - the game needs a lot of work...

3 4 3

ZANTHOR! Lot's of flavor. The best evil robot cult entry of this PyWeek.

4 4 3

Wanton destruction is always fun! However the controls were a little difficult at first. I liked the general feel of the game and the little touches like flavor text at the bottom of the screen.

3 5 1

very nicely done. great art and 'spirit'

3 3 2

I thought this was fun but slightly dissapointing(game controls, game-play,etc.)

5 4 4

A little easy, but very fun to play!

4 5 4

Very interesting, funny, game. It's like you are in a very violent Dr. Seuss book. Intro is really good. Sound effects are good. Gameplay is fun.

(It seems to have a few bugs first time I played it, but I came back and everything was ok. Perhaps because I added psyco.)

4 5 4

Very fun. Great atmosphere. Critically the art isn't top self, but you pull the game together nicely into a very resentable package.

4 4 3

A little hard to control (I used arrow keys and space) but otherwise fun. Everything just seemed a little too fast (the "citizens" moved around very quickly indeed).

4 2 4

Unable to start game in windowed mode without editing the sourcecode.
Clicking on any of Zanthor's quotes will crash the game.
Cannonballs have a few specks of programmer pink on the lower part.
Control is a bit wonky: difficult to fire while moving in some directions.
Interface needs something more than just coloured bars.
The 1-8 upgrade screen needs fixing. The easiest improvement would be to place the numbers 1-8 as appropriate, so I don't actually need to count...

3 2 3

The intro was awesome. :)

4 4 3

Zanthor is a pretty basic game where you try to kill everyone. It also has a fun theme song done
beatbox style. In-game there was some camera problems especially if you used the mouse. I also
seemed to have a bit of trouble aiming, but maybe I just didn't understand that aspect of the
game. There were several different levels in the game, which is nice, but I would've hoped for
an in game map of the level, because some of the levels are quite big and it's a bit hard to tell
where you are and where you haven't been sometimes. You get some upgrades between levels,
which is pretty nice, although it would've been cooler if you got something more interesting
like a new weapon or auto-aiming or something. I couldn't really notice the difference when I
upgraded some part of Zanthor. The game is ok fun and would probably be even more fun with the
various bugs fixed. (I hear there's already a fixed version available) Extra fun points for
the hilarious setting (including the in game "dialogue") and the theme song.

5 4 3

Excellent work. This game provides varied gameplay through non-linear level structure and allows you to Upgrade your robot in many ways. There is always a definite goal in sight, which makes the game both satisfying and completable.

4 5 3

Very well put together. Probably one of the best entries in here.

3 4 4


The cannon is a bit hard to control the range on, which limits the fun a little. The game crashed on me when I overflowed the coal meter.

1 1 1

I don't like this game.