interface work. next level, game over == game?

I spent tonight cutting out the interface, getting ready to put it in to the game once it has been completed. I still have a bunch to do on the interface. I need to hook up the stat indicators on the left. I need to make the save/load/news/quit buttons work. The text message box needs to work too. But I think I'll sleep for soon.

It has been interesting working with other people on the other side of the earth. You go to sleep and wake up to find all sorts of goodies done.

As well as people on the other side of the earth I am working with someone in the same city. So we have had a few days together working on stuff, which was interesting.

I also got a game over state, and a next level state happening. So you can lose, and win this game now.

Bla bla bla. Too I drank too much coffee yesterday. Time to sleep now. Here is another screenshot.