PyWeek Game Team Rating
27 stuntcat DNF
25 Around the Worlds in 80 days. DNF
23 I'm in! DNF
14 alchemymadness pygame gsoc 2012 team DNF
13 pystrong DNF
10 Woger the wibbly wobbly wombat. London python code dojo - ldnpydojo 2.48
9 #1 game title DNF
9 spencer_illume spencer_illume DNF
7 Eye stabs Eye stabs DNF
6 Rene Dudfield loves robots and balloons. DNF
5 illume DNF
2 The Olde Battleaxe The Olde Battleaxe 3.31

illume's awards

Fart Jokes Getaway Award Presented by stycchio for Woger the wibbly wobbly wombat.