first split screens

Around the Worlds in 80 days.

A hot air Balloon game.


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first split screens
illume 2018/04/15 09:20

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Around the Worlds in 80 days.

Sun 15 Apr 2018 09:52:39 CEST

I got the name of the game, and setting up a github repo for it.

Around the Worlds in 80 days. aroundtheworlds

Jules Verne is awesome. It's one of the first books I read as a child.

Also, I remember typing up a balloon game on c64 when I was little too.

So this is a little bit nostalgic for me. But also, I like the setting.

Next up, I'll set up my base code. Probably should have done this earlier.

This is what I hate about python... config file soup. Note to self: finish pyrelease.

Sun 15 Apr 2018 09:25:52 CEST

For my Two Worlds pyweek... I'm thinking of doing a split screen game. Where you control the avatar in both worlds. So your input has to avoid collisions in both. Controlling the hot air that goes into a balloon to make it rise. Just obstacle avoidance I guess, but sort of interesting because you have to do it in two Worlds at once.

Split screen drawing two balloons

I'm using pygame and will also try a bunch of libraries. pygame awesome libraries

Probably 'thorpy' for game menus/gui, and 'transitions' for state machines.


Split screens are go.

I have split screens now.

Split screens

Next up some basic balloons and some terrain.

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Dirty Balloons.

Because only the Balloon will be moving, we only need to change a small part of the screen each frame. Luckily pygame handles this nicely.

Efficient screen updates with dirty rects, DirtySprite and LayeredDirty. When an object

See Quick & Dirty: Using Pygame's DirtySprite & LayeredDirty (A tutorial) for more information about pygame dirty rectangle sprites.

Now I have the basic game objects in place.

Well... they are still 'programmer art'.
The Balloon a green square, and the background just a flat blue or red so far.

Basic game objects in place

The resolution I've decided on is 640x480.

I plan to draw them all by hand at this stage, and that should make the asset creation easier.

This means 320x480 for each side.

Maybe it would be fun to draw a different city for each 'level'. So on the left there would be Paris, and on the right London.

And the player has to move both Balloons through the city safely. But they only have one controller for both the Balloons!

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aroundtheworlds, badly drawn

I decided to use drawings of monuments in cities to make up the levels. So below is my badly drawn Eiffel Tower.  There will probably be a badly drawn Big Ben, and a badly drawn Opera house. You get the idea.

Cut out, and burned a little because I drew it on cardboard. It turns out soft pencil on brown doesn't scan very well. Who would have thought?

Now I need to somehow make a level out of it.
Lots of Eiffel Towers cut and pasted all over to make a level. There's been stranger things. lol ;)

Now to draw the hot air Balloon...

Eiffle Tower cut out

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For some reason decided to make a font for my intro. Wise use of time?

I lost some days to things I had to do in 'life'.

Decided to edit a bunch of letters for my game introduction.

The letter p

Probably not the wisest idea if I want to finish an actual game... but oh well. I'm trying to have fun in this pyweek, and do whatever I feel like.

So now manually touching up the images after they were image processed.

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Start of intro animation. Lettering done.

After editing all the images, I started on a really simplistic animation for the game intro.

It will spell out the game title: Around the Worlds in 80 days.

Then probably just lay them out spelling the words as a whole sentence(Not one giant letter at a time).

start of intro

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