pgu-0.10.2 -- bugfix release

for anyone who has been using pgu, this bug fix release addresses numerous minor bugs. it also includes some minor enhancements to make the system slightly more user-friendly. Please see examples/ and examples/ to see the cleanup and updates in action.

pgu website

I'll be available in #pyweek for the next two weeks as well as during the contest to answer any questions, provide help. Please check out this latest release, if any final bugs are found I can wrap those up before the contest as well.

- fixed: gui11, when everything is removed scroll bar is removed
    too soon!
- fixed: gui11, graphical crud shows up after removing stuff, sometimes
- fixed: Select can drop below window sometimes, and it looks bad.
    now Selects that are at the bottom of the screen may go upwards.
- added: ProgressBar widget & documentation.
- fixed: if the widget in the scroll doesn't fill it up,
    doing any scrolling causes a crash
- fixed: gui.Menus not working due to focus related fixes
- added: widget.connect gets *values, not just value to pass on
    so that you can have multi-param methods.  See widget.connect
    documentation for details.
- added: widget.send can send the event and the widget to
    the reciever if the receiving fnc has the params named
    _widget or _event or _code.  See widget.connect documentation.
- fixed: disabled items in scrollarea don't get alpha-ized due to 
   alpha image that is being drawn to.
- fixed: scrollers don't scroll quite like normal scrollers do...
- fixed: slider size can get too small
- added: scrollbars added in arrows, so that they are scrollbars
    instead of just sliders.
- fixed: sliders & scrollbars inconsistent, and don't look good
- fixed: weird border in scrollarea, sometimes...
- fixed: internal cleanup of ScrollBox, etc.  the scollers will
    automatically appear when the sub-widget gets bigger, smaller, etc.
- fixed: when you click on a disabled widget, 
    the click can slip to a non-disabled widget
- added: .disabled, .focusable attributes to widgets, 
    see widget.widget documentation
- fixed: .add, .remove for Container, Table, Document so they
    all work properly. adjusted to demo accordingly
- fixed: select to work, by adding an improper use of resize ;)
- fixed: a number of improper uses of resize()
- fixed: gui.Table to only resize() something a second time
    if it _really_ needs to
- fixed: gui.Table to clear() out old rows properly
- fixed: gui.Widget so that chsize() would work a lot faster (thus
    the example is very nice and smooth now, doesn't feel like
    it is lagging anymore.)
- fixed: ScrollBox a lot faster by using double buffering
    this will, however, require a lot of memory for large buffers
    but hopefully that won't be a problem, it makes examples/ blaze
    during scrolling, whereas before it was quite slow even on my 2x3 GHz machine.
- fixed: "calling Button.event() before Button.paint() causes crash"
- fixed: "container.remove makes a widget stop working but not disappear"
- fixed: some docs about a bug whereby container.add(w) won't work     
    after the app is running