using php ... in PYweek?

this might just be a dumb question, but my team is thinking it might be fun to make a pygame game that connects to a central server for some multi-player aspects.

would it be okay if the server app was php/mysql? all competitors would be able to play the game using only python, since nobody would have to install the server app. (although it would be available if someone wanted to see how it worked, etc...)

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This is a tough one. My intent with the "other languages" part of the rules was to allow other languages when a) you're optimising via C/C++ or b) Python isn't in the picture at all (ie. Javascript in a browser).

I guess I don't want to be too restrictive, but is there no chance you could learn to use one of the simpler Python web frameworks? Most of them take very little time to learn.

fair enough :) i figured using php would be stretching the rules pretty far anyway.

if we do something server-side we'll keep it to python.

Hi Phil!

We are planning multiplayer aspects too, and will be using FibraNet to achieve this. I don't want to give away too many secrets, competing against you and Rene is going to be heard work! :)

Another meta-PyWeek question to Richard:
How is the theme of the contest chosen? Do we get to make any suggestions for what comes up in the theme-poll?


From the rules page, "a person known to the PyWeek organisers, but otherwise independent and not a participant, will create a list of five themes."

It's very likely that there'll actually be >5 themes, as the theme generator is having trouble whittling them down to 5.