Game play idea complete... I think.

We've mangled all of our ideas for gameplay into something that all of us think will be really fun. We just need to decide if playing as the human, and as the steam powered castle would be fun or too complicated. Here is a screen shot of the game with the placeholder art.
And here are the game play ideas...

You play as a human, and as a walking/flying castle.

1800s victorian past atmosphere, mixed with some future elements. Using wild steam powered junk castles.

You play as a weapons inspector, and inforcer searching for, and destroying nukes weapon factories before they are finished.

there are coal mining trucks sent out by the city to collect coal.

You can stop the coal trucks to slow the factory down from completing construction.

You need to pick up coal, and water.

You can push around rubble.

the human is there to control the castle. But the castle has a mind of it's own. The human can get out and pick up coal and water. The human is smaller than the castle, so it can fit in other places the castle can't go.

The human does not use resources to move. This solves the problem that the castle can run out of coal and the player then loses.

You use water, and coal to power parts of your castle. Moving uses up steam, so does firing cannons. The heavier your castle the more steam it needs to run.

You can pick up pieces of junk and add them onto your castle. Like engines, armour, cannons.

Cannon towers that shoot you will be placed on the map.

the player can install / uninstall a part in the robot when he is next to the robot

what rewards will the player get elements in the game...