did you use PGU?

Hey, I'm interested in some feedback on how PGU served you (or didn't!) in this competition.

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Yup, we (PySwec) did. It was really useful, imho, even if there were a few issues.

For example, the documentation feels a bit random (one page per widget would be better than the groupings, imo). Also it is sometimes hard to find information about certain things.

We used the hex rendering engine, and I think we found one bug. It seems as if every other column gets moved one pixel to the right/left, or something like that.

I had to change one thing in PGU (maybe there is a way to do it, but as mentioned, the docs are a bit vague yet): Changing the window title when using app.run(). I manually went into App and added a pygame.set_caption(...) line.

In short. It helped us a lot, but there is a feeling of alpha/beta there. :)
I'd like to see the documentation cleaned up a little - on the Vid class there's methods that aren't documented and methods that have docstrings referring to variables that don't exist :)

I found that I was poking into the internals of Vid / TileVid a bit too much for my liking - partly to figure how things worked, and sometimes to just get the job done. My code is short, it might be educational for Phil to have a scan over it to see what I was doing and perhaps that might hint at future API or doc ideas? I will do the same some time in the next few weeks and try to suggest things.