serving coffee


Hi All. I am entering the contest solo. This will be my second major application written in python. I look forward to the contest.


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Fun: 1.6
Production: 1.8
Innovation: 2.2

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my final entry
nansub0111 2006/04/01 21:20
serving coffee
nansub0111 2006/04/01 16:21
Afternoon progress
nansub0111 2006/03/31 21:20
Crazy Barista Concept Art
nansub0111 2006/03/28 18:06

Diary Entries

Crazy Barista

You are the the sole Barista in an Espresso bar.

Customers will come to the tables and yell out their orders: espressos or cappuccinos. You must remeber the orders! If you give the customer the wrong order they will get mad and leave.

You create the drinks from the ancient espresso machine maker.

The Espresso machine is senstative to pressure, so you must carefully manage the amount of drinks and how fast you make them. Otherwise, you risk the chance of causing one of the many weak points in the overhead pipes to rupture. Steam from the rupture can hit you or the customers!

You must grind coffee beans as the supply run out. Be careful though, grinding beans uses steam! Grind too fast and you might cause a rupture.

You must serve the drinks to the various customers. If you take to long to serve them they get angry, hurl insults at you, and leave! If you serve them promptly they leave you nice tips.

When a customer is done you must pick up the demitasse and any tips, and return the cups to the preparation area.

Beware of the Cat and Mouse! They can cause you to spill drinks!

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Game Progress

I've had various interuptions durring the week--school and work. This has prevented me from sitting down and coding for a long period of time. I have, however, prototyped the entire game on paper.

I've spent yesterday and this afternoon getting familiar with pygame. I am now ready to begin coding the game itself.

The screen shot I'm going to post is my progress as of this afternoon.

I believe I can have the basic game mechanics in place midnight tonight.

Since I running low on time, I'm not going to focus too much on graphcis at this point. I'm going to use the concept art I did earlier in the week. If I have time I'll replace the art with some better art.

First priority is the game mechnanics, second is sound. I have access to an espresso machine and I want to include the sounds it makes into the game. I believe it will add alot to the feel of the game.

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I just realized...

Yikes. I thought I had 2 days left. I didn't check the timezones. So it looks like this has turned into a 24hrs game compo for me. Yeehaw.


More progress

Ok. Working on the cat and the mouse way-points. Here is a screen shot with some customers at the tables. Must take a 4 hour break--prior obligations. I will start coding again 9pm EST.

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Late Night Sleepy

Just spent the last 2 hours coding. I've got most of the basic framework in place for the game.

Originally I was going to have steam vents scattered through the cafe which would go off randomly depending on how hard you worked the espresso machine. I'm not going to have enough time to implement this. So I'm dropping that idea.

The game now will consist of managing the espresso machine and client orders. If I have time I will add the steam vents.

I'm going to call it an early night so that I can wake up early. That will give me at least a solid 8 hours to work on the game. That is more than enough to finish. I hope.

Well good night all. Good luck with your games.

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Good Morning

I just had my espresso. Ready to start coding again. 10 hours left.

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Serving Coffee

Ok. Working on the serving coffee routines. Almost done.

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Lunch Break

Ok. Taking a break for lunch. Still working on the drink serving code. After that I need to work on customer ordering. And finally the espresso machine management.

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still in the contest...

ok. i've had to cull out a lot of features. now the game is about serving espresso. customers come to the tables and you serve them as fast as you can. that is all i can do in the time left. hopefully i can finish that.

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Throwing in the towel

I was not able to finish as quickly as I hoped. The game is incomplete. It is more of a demo than a game. Even so, I've decided to submit what I have. In case anyone is interest in seeing where I was headed.

I had a lot of fun participating. I hope to take part in another contest in the future.

Good luck to the rest of you. I look forward to seeing the final entries.

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