Game Progress

I've had various interuptions durring the week--school and work. This has prevented me from sitting down and coding for a long period of time. I have, however, prototyped the entire game on paper.

I've spent yesterday and this afternoon getting familiar with pygame. I am now ready to begin coding the game itself.

The screen shot I'm going to post is my progress as of this afternoon.

I believe I can have the basic game mechanics in place midnight tonight.

Since I running low on time, I'm not going to focus too much on graphcis at this point. I'm going to use the concept art I did earlier in the week. If I have time I'll replace the art with some better art.

First priority is the game mechnanics, second is sound. I have access to an espresso machine and I want to include the sounds it makes into the game. I believe it will add alot to the feel of the game.