Crazy Barista

You are the the sole Barista in an Espresso bar.

Customers will come to the tables and yell out their orders: espressos or cappuccinos. You must remeber the orders! If you give the customer the wrong order they will get mad and leave.

You create the drinks from the ancient espresso machine maker.

The Espresso machine is senstative to pressure, so you must carefully manage the amount of drinks and how fast you make them. Otherwise, you risk the chance of causing one of the many weak points in the overhead pipes to rupture. Steam from the rupture can hit you or the customers!

You must grind coffee beans as the supply run out. Be careful though, grinding beans uses steam! Grind too fast and you might cause a rupture.

You must serve the drinks to the various customers. If you take to long to serve them they get angry, hurl insults at you, and leave! If you serve them promptly they leave you nice tips.

When a customer is done you must pick up the demitasse and any tips, and return the cups to the preparation area.

Beware of the Cat and Mouse! They can cause you to spill drinks!

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Sounds like loads of fun:)