Look at all the units and a city!


Glacticus would be a (m)morts set in far future with starships larger then starts and made purely of energy. Also game would be in 3d with PyOpenGl, the game play would consist of traditional RTS on a 2d map which is the entire galaxy. It would be fully persistent so when player logs out their armies would still be on the map for other players to kill or be killed buy. The game play would consist of correct allocation of energy and time into massive starships, base construction and research and skill at fast tactical decisions under fire. The basic setting would be to get to the core of the galaxy and keep it as log as possible for core contains most amounts of energy. Visit ti at http://www.atlantisinterior.com/galacticus/


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final source
Treeform 2006/04/01 22:34
Treeform 2006/04/01 22:30
Look at all the units and a city!
Treeform 2006/04/01 07:24
Here is a true RTS
Treeform 2006/04/01 06:45
here is 2 people at war
Treeform 2006/03/31 23:23
more fixes
Treeform 2006/03/31 19:01
War of 2 players
Treeform 2006/03/30 22:30
the title screen
Treeform 2006/03/29 01:01
chat server made ... you see two programs talking to each other
Treeform 2006/03/27 23:08
There is the map ... well still not progress :(
Treeform 2006/03/27 18:47
the 1st steam is on....
Treeform 2006/03/27 17:59
Selection in progress
Treeform 2006/03/27 17:09
simple energy things
Treeform 2006/03/27 07:42
sorry was a bit a way for the 1st day
Treeform 2006/03/27 07:41

Diary Entries

little planning starts

i had this idia for qute some time... it would be cool to try to make an mmorts in 7 days!


Simple stuff done

simple gui and network stuff is under way ... will have screenshots soon some work still on design...

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it runs on steam

Well I guess it “runs on steam” is a bad theme but good for me - I can work in any thing it into any sci-fi type game setting. I would just the ships collect steam that is floating around in space near stars and use it as a basic building block. The H2O is needed to fuel the ships in some way probably for the still semi-organic brain they use … so every thing will really run on steam as the main fuel source.

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Galacticus Basic design

Galacticus Basic design:

What to get working first:

Stars provide the steam clouds around
them for Stellarconstructions to collect

Hyperships can attack other hyperships and stellarconstructions (eats up lots of steam for defender)
Can move in straight line … through or above every thing (eats up steam)
Can build Stellarconstructions (eats up steam)
Can carry steam (which is the both fuel and health bar)

Stellarconstructions collect steam and build hyperships using steam.

Player has name and password. He can login and give move, build and attack orders to his Hyperships and Stellarconstructions. When he logs out all the hyperships and stellarconstructions remain on the server.

Server logs players in and keeps track of their property. Also it produces time step; only it can move and change the game state. It can receive orders and messeges form players.

Client program that Player uses to view the server state in 3D. It also sends and gets messages from server.

Player Creation. Give player Stellarconstructions and some Hyperships. Create then next to another player so that immediate contact and possible conflict happens. (Rather then players feeling board on different corners of the galaxy)

Messages a frame work for a global in-game-chat. User GUI and server side broadcast all.

Done second:
Run extensive test, including at least 3 hours in game and make pyunit tests where possible. Provide packaging and readme

Done third:
Make that other computer a dedicated server for galacticus – keep it running.
Add more Hyperships and Stellarconstructions types (and speselizations)
Fast scout
Week Long rage
Slow Good long range
Support Carrier (carry steam)
Fast Regular
Steam Collector
Factory for each type of Hyperships
Carrier Dock
Steam Node (connection to other steam nodes)
Add stop order and groping(Ctrl-#)
Add queues for orders

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well server side

i can see units on server and move then around now on server. That is cool but the interfase sucks big time ... and there are tons of visual artifacts...

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well the network is killing me. Linux and windows seam to handle networks deferently plus there are fire walls everywhere. I found that my firewall been a problem. Well i dont know hiw people would be able to connect and play my game... i might loose soly to connection problems.

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Sound and network!

Added sound and better packing for data ... some bug fixes on server and client if you going to test it contact me at in irc at #pyweek i will give you the latest version (becouse this might not work with server)

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Citys are up!

Well now the ability to build a city in game is added and steammers makes steam and every thing runs just fine ... well alsmot fine ... need to sleap to make it a wake tomorow!

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Win 32 uploaded

py2exe was easy for me when i found out about the PIL bug ... if any of you cant make PIL load imiges form a file while in EXE state tell me i have the answer!

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Galactius is done server is up!

you can log in now and build, kill and just chat...



I have added a galacticus home page at