PyWeek - Galacticus - feedback

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1 1 2

Could not see a thing. Maybe the server was down?

1 1 1

The game just doesn't run for me, whatsoever, so I'm forced to give it nothing for everything, sorry!

1 2 4

Game crashes after seconds and I can't play.

1 1 1

no comment

4 4 4 yes

Where's the steam?

4 3 3

Couldn't find any bugs in it and I conquered the universe! ;-) Keep working on it!

3 4 3

The game is great on the production side - the network code seems to work quite well even with
large armies on screen, and the graphics are stylish. The game balance seems a bit off though -
one can easily overwhelm the universe if other players aren't present, though that could
perhaps be corrected with players starting the game simultaneously.

1 1 1 yes

Sorry, it doesn't run for me. The game crashes almost immediately. The main screen appears,
but crashes before I can log in or type anything in chat.

4 4 4

Very impressive! I really didn't expect to see a MMORTS on PyWeek. :) There are some issues with the UI and game balance, but on the whole, great work!

4 3 3

I really like RTS like games. Some more detailed graphics for the units would be great. It runs in multiplayer and it was written in one week. Respect. :)

4 3 2

This was one of my favorites in thew competition, very good work for a week.

3 3 4

really nice concept, but the hugh latency time destroys the fun. besides that, kudos!

1 1 1 yes

I wasn't able to run this. The source version didn't seem to work at all on Debian. It brought up a menu and did a VERY slow animation (like 0.1 fps) in the background, but was completely unresponsive.

I tried the Windows version under Wine. It started up, and ran and was responsive (though slow on my old computer), but I couldn't read the text (black text on black background), and it looked completely different from the source version. So far as I can tell, the game wouldn't work at less than 1024x768 resolution, either. I don't believe advice like "If it doesn't work, try again three times" makes a good game.

I voted to disqualify, though I was quite on the fence about it. If it's responsive on my ancient system in Wine (albeit with invisible text), then it's not simply that my system's too slow to run it on Linux, which means there's probably a critical bug in there.

As I couldn't play the game, I can't rate it, so Richard said I should mark them all "Not at all", but I hope this doesn't count against this entry if the judges decide this entry qualified.

3 3 3

Impressive that you got a networked game up an running in such a short timeframe.

2 3 5

Great idea, and it works. THat's really nice. Unfortunatly, at the end of the game, the game needs some balance and such. But, fun idea.

4 4 3

This game has lots of potential. There are some big problems though. Because the game is always
running on the server, one player can go in and make a huge army that destroys anyone who tries to
log in. This is also partly because the universe is too small in the game. Currently the steam
areas in the map don't actually work, but I like the idea of varying densities of steam all over
the map. One big problem in the game is also that it's very very slow. This means that a lot of the
player's time in the beginning of the game will be spent waiting for more steam or waiting for a
worker unit to move to the next spot you're going to build in. It's still a good game though, and
has lots of potential for improvement. Some background music would be nice and some more sound
effects. The visual style is very nice.

1 1 4

Kept crashing. Couldn't get past that part. Very neat concept. May review vote later if I can get it to work.

2 3 3

Quite an achievement to get a multiplayer game done in the time frame.

It looks like you have done quite a lot on the basis for further work on the game.

I couldn't really play because I couldn't find my units. So I eventually gave up. An improvement would be to center the players view on to its units when they log in.

Well done!