March 2006 challenge: “It runs on steam!”

Chris Wilson - Cool, another competition

Posted by ciw42 on 2008/03/30 19:52

Haven't visited the Pygame website for a while (or written anything in Python for probably a year or more) so when I checked earlier today was surprised to find another PyWeek competition had started.

Not too sure how this week's going to go for me as I won't have any free time until Wednesday night, and I'm not sure how much I'll have from then until the end of the competition, but I've got what I think is a good idea for a robots game, so I plan to give it a go.

I've downloaded the latest Python, Pygame, PyOpenGL & Psyco, will probably spend half an hour sketching the idea out tonight, and then may fire up The GIMP between now and Wednesday to put together some place-holder artwork.

Good luck everyone.

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CrazyPyro - test

Posted by CrazyPyro on 2006/09/05 14:20


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Team Foo - What what?

Posted by f00f on 2006/08/27 18:56

This time we'll actually have a game (I think). :P

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Salt and Vinegar - Steamrollers post compo update

Posted by erik on 2006/05/22 01:45

Some bug fixes and graphics improvements. No new gameplay though.

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The Olde Battleaxe - zanthor post compo update

Posted by philhassey on 2006/05/09 04:44

lots of bug fixes
graphical touchups
and more!

.tgz and windows .zip available, windows installer coming soon!

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Nelly's Rooftop Garden - Post-competition revised special edition

Posted by alex on 2006/05/01 02:17

Nelly has had a couple of bugs fixed, some UI tweaks to make it a bit more mouse-friendly and, by popular demand, a level-selection screen. You can download the update here nelly-1.0.tar.gz or admire her new permanent web page:

I had lotsa fun during the competition, so many thanks to you all and Richard especially for making it all work. I wrote a little more introspection stuff in my blog.

See you all in six months!

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gizmo_thunder - New Version

Posted by gizmo_thunder on 2006/04/17 07:01

I've learnt a lot from the feedback.. i thought i should make the changes suggested by some of the contestents. Here is the new version.


The Olde Battleaxe - add your game to

Posted by philhassey on 2006/04/17 02:22

hey -- please add your entry to! i will likely set up the "spotlight" to rotate between the top few entries, so add 'em so i can link to them.


Army of Aerojockey - Reality.

Posted by aerojockey on 2006/04/16 23:37

I am not going to continue working on my game. :)

As I said, I had an ulterior motive for my game (which is kind of why mine didn't really fit the theme). I may use the experience in a similar game down the road. But the code itself? Nah. I prefer a thorough, well considered approach to progamming, not the "smack it with a hammer until it works" approach I used here. :) I'm surprised I was able to tolerate such code for a whole week.

In case anyone cares, the new game would be called Cinderella Acts. (Tagline: Tired of waiting for her Fairy Godmother to show up, Cinderella decides to take matters into her own hands.) And she'll be wielding an axe (a pun on "acts", and more out of place).

Thanks to everyone (somewhat) for your feedback, and congrats to the winners. Good job.

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20,000 Light Years Into Space - Thanks everyone!

Posted by jack on 2006/04/16 17:24

Hi.. Thankyou very much to all the reviewers who left comments about my game (20K Light Years). There are some good suggestions, and I'm hoping that I'll get a chance to implement some of them for a new version! If you have other suggestions for this game, feel free to post them here or email me.

Thanks also to richard for a great competition (I hope I can come back for the next one). And congratulations to Rushed and Team Pekuja: excellent games.

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