I am not going to continue working on my game. :)

As I said, I had an ulterior motive for my game (which is kind of why mine didn't really fit the theme). I may use the experience in a similar game down the road. But the code itself? Nah. I prefer a thorough, well considered approach to progamming, not the "smack it with a hammer until it works" approach I used here. :) I'm surprised I was able to tolerate such code for a whole week.

In case anyone cares, the new game would be called Cinderella Acts. (Tagline: Tired of waiting for her Fairy Godmother to show up, Cinderella decides to take matters into her own hands.) And she'll be wielding an axe (a pun on "acts", and more out of place).

Thanks to everyone (somewhat) for your feedback, and congrats to the winners. Good job.