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Completed premise for Team Foo

War Machine

A scorched-earth / RTS type game, using steam powered rockets instead of cannons and real-time firing instead of turn-based.

A player can only fire one rocket at a time. There is a constant rate of pressure build-up and no means to reduce it, so there will be a trick to making sure you have the right angle, and that you shoot at right time.

If a rocket reaches its capacity of pressure before being launched, it will explode; killing its player.

Each player will have a number of henchmen that can be directed to harvest nearby trees for fuel, that will make pressure buildup faster. Meaning players who manage their resources best will be able to shoot faster and probably win.

Harvested trees will respawn, but cannot be selected again until mature.

If opposing henchman meet on their way to harvest fuel, they will duel and the winner will be determined randomly.

Henchmen can be killed by rockets, but they will duck for cover if they have time to do so.

If rockets meet in mid-air, they will destroy each other.

Game plan

I, f00f, will develop the low level api, whose interfaces will be published to our repository by tomorrow night, hopefully.

dj_froofy and phudu will collaborate on game logic; the high level code.

Wolfy and Jesse will collaborate on graphics and animation.


What what?

This time we'll actually have a game (I think). :P

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