MiniMap and Slower Heating :)



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Overall: 2.9
Fun: 2.5
Production: 3.3
Innovation: 2.9

Respondents: 24


File Uploader Date
MiniMap and Slower Heating :)
gizmo_thunder 2006/04/17 06:59
Latest Version With Mini map
gizmo_thunder 2006/04/17 06:48
Py2exed version of the game
gizmo_thunder 2006/04/01 06:38
Final Source Code
gizmo_thunder 2006/04/01 06:36
Menu For my Game.. isnt' it Carooney :D
gizmo_thunder 2006/03/31 06:47
Latest Screen shot
gizmo_thunder 2006/03/30 07:56
Sounds, Game end and Menu left...
gizmo_thunder 2006/03/30 07:55
Cop Model.. ready to roll :)
gizmo_thunder 2006/03/29 06:21
Steam powered wood cutter !!
gizmo_thunder 2006/03/28 21:06
Map Loaded... black box is the hero ..have to make models...:)
gizmo_thunder 2006/03/27 18:59
Map Editor screen shot
gizmo_thunder 2006/03/27 07:29

Diary Entries

What library to use?

Im' quite familiar with OpenGL and pygame. I would really like to be able to put in some animations in my game. I think soya would be great for this purpose but i dont' know how to use it yet.. i just hope ill' be able to get a grip of it before the start of the competetion.

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Check this out :)
I thought you guys might like it .. by the way its' my blog :D

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Wood Cutter

The game story is simple.. you are a mischivious guy who loves adventures. You get into a highly protected area with a steam powered wood cutting machine and cut down the trees in that area. The cops are really pissed off and thats' the thrill you get... :D you are given challenges.. like collect 500wood and trap 3 cops ..and if you complete the mission without being caught.. you win :D Once you are done with the challenge.. you must escape from the cops for which you have to get into the steam powered get away train :D

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Progress so Far

I've been making pretty good progress... :D. Thought i should take time off and start modeling the bots required in the game. I'm done with the player model now have to make the cop model.


Uploader Help

Hi, Richard.. im' behind a proxy server.. and i dont' think the script that is provided on the site handles that. Any suggestions about how i can upload my entry?


Working Demo

This has some basic stuff done. I've put glut solid cubes and glut wire cubes for the time being. The red cubes are cops. Please find the instructions in ReadMe.txt . You will be shown help while in the game also (inspired from prince of persia) :D

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Cop is ready to roll :D

I've made the cop model today.. from the scratch textures and model.
I've made the model using AC3D texturing in gimp.
Find the screen shot of cop model here

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Basic Stuff Done

Ive' sucessfully completed making the basic structure of the game. You can move around, setup traps for trapping the cops.. cut wood. Actually ive' been spending a lot of time on modeling and stuff. Could not get good texture for grass. You can Download the latest version of source code at

Latest Screen shot

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Change in Story Line

You are an upcoming smuggler in the city. Since you are not the only one in this business.. you have to show that you are competent enough for doing the job and so face the challenges. You are unique because you have a steam engine powered robot which requires wood as fuel. You can harvest wood which can be used as fuel. If you run out of wood before reaching the destination (check point), you loose the challenge.

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Almost Final

The dead line coming close.. ive' some how managed to complete all of the important aspects of the game.. now i guess i have to do some rigarous testing.. here is the link to source code of the game Here. I'll put up the py2exe version soon...

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Mostly Done

Today ive' worked with level editing and tested the levels. I've submitted the final version of the game. Unless some bug comes up.. i guess im' done :) its' been really good week's work. I've uploaded the py2exed' version as well.

Game Links: Listed below are the features currently present in the game.
  1. 3D camera movement (you can move the camera up and down)
  2. 5 Levels (first level more like a tutorial)
  3. complete 3D environment with 3D models
  4. Huristics based ai for cops
  5. Sounds

Menu For my Game.. isnt' it Carooney :D


Level Guide for Transporter

  • Tip:
  • Level1:
    just go right without getting stuck at the walls and reach the check point. If you feel like try out cutting the trees etc.. this is basically supposed to be easiset level.
  • Level2:
    You will find only two trees that can be cut in the whole try to find them and reach the end point.
  • Level3:
    Even in this map you will find trees only at one location.. harvest 100 wood and run towards the check point.. if you cut more or less... you will not make it to the check point :)
  • Level4: and Level5:
    These are the levels which have cops involved.. you have to collect wood and trap some cops.. The cops Travel in straight lines .. .so put traps around you (make sure you have way to get out of the traps.. you cannot move over the traps) and harvest wood..


Rating others was good :)

Iv'e been playing some games all day.. they are stunningly addictive hope my game is as addictive as the others :) any way just a reminder about the game.. if it is crashing it might be due to the sound file name which i gave wrong.. please change "sounds/Police.wav" to "sounds/police.wav" Thank you.

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What Happened to the site?

Hey.. what happened to the site?? shows' that the challenge starts in 700+ days...

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New Version

I've learnt a lot from the feedback.. i thought i should make the changes suggested by some of the contestents. Here is the new version.