Mostly Done

Today ive' worked with level editing and tested the levels. I've submitted the final version of the game. Unless some bug comes up.. i guess im' done :) its' been really good week's work. I've uploaded the py2exed' version as well.

Game Links: Listed below are the features currently present in the game.
  1. 3D camera movement (you can move the camera up and down)
  2. 5 Levels (first level more like a tutorial)
  3. complete 3D environment with 3D models
  4. Huristics based ai for cops
  5. Sounds

Menu For my Game.. isnt' it Carooney :D

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Could not find any major changes to be made.. seems to be working fine... enjoy the game :)
Very nice.. looks good: although I am not sure how to reach the checkpoint in level 2. Can you give me a hint?
I've added the level the posts..