Level Guide for Transporter

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I have a probelm with Transporter. It crashes whenever it tries to play a sound. For example, when I try to chop a tree down, I get:
Tree is to Top
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "mischief.py", line 765, in ?
    game.procEvents( event )
  File "mischief.py", line 728, in procEvents
    self.update( )
  File "mischief.py", line 229, in update
    self.sounds['chainsaw'].fadeout( 60 )
KeyError: 'chainsaw'
The problem seems to be that the file police.wav is actually called Police.wav (notice the different cases of P), so it seems like your game disables sounds, but then because of a bug it still tries to play them and crashes.
Thank you pekuja.. i did not notice that bug coz i could not test the game on linux.
The game runs just fine on windows...
Im' extreamly sorry for that bug.. please rename the file "sounds/Police.wav" to "sounds/police.wav" ... if you want to run it on linux.. sorry about the bug once again.