May 2012 challenge: “Mad Science”

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The world is mine! The world is mine!

Dont have time to write long discriptions. Barely have enough time to write games between homework.

Entrant: HipetyHopit

Uslingborg Defense

Defend Castle Uslingborg from a mob of angry villagers, by deploying evil inventions. This is a tower defense game where you can rearrange your tech tree. Inventions on the upper-left of the table are cheapest, and inventions in the lower-right are the most expensive. More info on the inventions can be found in README.txt.

Use the invention table to assign mouse buttons and keys to inventions, then return to the map to deploy them. (switch with Tab)

There are 4 regular levels, then a final (probably) unbeatable level. The final level features the musical stylings of Paul and Storm ( You can select levels with F1 through F5. Enjoy!

Entrant: Cosmologicon

Panther Programmers

We are a small team of programmers and artists representing Hanover College. We have a passion for python and precise pangolin. This will be our first entry into the pyweek contest!

Team: edsage, hanoverprof

Formula Fighters

A turn based combat game involving combinations of elements to create formulas that cause your Formula Fighter to attack and do other things (not always beneficial). The combinations are randomized, so have fun experimenting! For more details see the readme.txt file.

Team: alkazar, kakarotsan

Mad Robot

This is our 1th entry :D

Team: TheOne, Soldierluca, Gabriele, campo23


You are a scientist researching on primates in a jungle. You want to train those primates so that they could evolve into humans faster. The basis of training is you throw bananas at them. Just throw bananas to the primate and once he has 5 bananas you have trained him. Use z/x or left arrow / right arrow to throw bananas. have fun!

Entrant: phoe6


  • python — "This epic, original, mind-bending arcade game is nothing like anything you've ever played before." The stunning artwork and meticulous coding will harmoniously present you with an interface you won't forget. From pulsars to par
"This epic, original, mind-bending arcade game is nothing like anything you've ever played before." The stunning artwork and meticulous coding will harmoniously present you with an interface you won't forget. From pulsars to particles this game takes you into the mind of a mad scientist to truly test the realms of reality. The concept is simpleā€¦ the gameplay is challenging. It's completely free so download now to see if you can beat the high scores!

Team: aliswee, Frederick, Luke


A beginner hobby programmer taking part in Pyweek.

Entrant: Master47

A Pythontastic Journey

Drive a miniaturized ship through someone's body and will have to somehow kill bacterias visuses and whatever.

Entrant: ozroc


The player is cast in the role of a technician employed by FringeTech Laboratories. A new Telepresence Cybernetic Mechanism is about to be put through its paces in FringeTech's elaborate testing environment, but what starts as another routine day of guiding the TCM through a series of challenges begins to go horribly wrong...

Entrant: mespringfield

Zombie Science!

First time at PyWeek, and I'm doing it solo. I hope I can complete a game. As a mad scientist plotting a zombie attack, you first need to test things in a controlled lab and figure out what zombie breeds work best. Campaign coming soon.

Entrant: Keon

Tomorrow, the World

Bites are common in some areas. Often, snake handlers are bitten who are unaware that this species is able to bite while being held by the neck.
"Tomorrow, the World"
Take over the world with the power of mad science and middle management. Allocate resources, review exciting reports of your minions activities and ultimately secure your path to world domination.
"The world is not enough, but it will do for a start."
Important Gameplay Note
Since the interface misleads people, and running out of money at the start is frustrating:
We didn't get around to implementing anything that relies on the number of copies of a single weapon you carry, so buying multiple copies isn't useful.

Team: hodgestar, drnlm, jerith, Rizziepit

Grey Goo

Due to a programming error, you have accidently created a massive swarm of self-replicating nanobots. Avoid these.

Entrant: Mat

The Cloud Shepherd

Control the weather and teach nature a lesson.

Team: cyhawk, Alex


Use your cellular army to defeat a nasty virus in this strategic twist on "Conway's Game of Life'. It's an experimental attempt to turn John Conway's famous cellular automata into a strategic scrap.

Entrant: davec

The Lab

THIS IS A TEAM ENTRY, but only I have an account on here, so I have no idea how to make this clear. The game is a platformer: You are fleeing from an evil scientist (as usual) and you have to escape his Lab, by running from left to right on the screen :) If anyone played the version I uploaded yesterday, I apologize for it. It was the wrong version with only one Level playable. Only requirement is pygame and python273. Controls: Arrow keys go move, 1 and 2 for Potions. EDIT: Added .exe. It's the first time I used py2exe, so I copied the whole dist folder. I have no Idea if all what's in there is actually needed.

Entrant: Aardvark

Temporarily Unknown

  • — Well, not enough time to complete, so I guess it's useless.
Here comes a new challenger ! Well, we'll try to do our best, I guess.

Team: Xyolidge, Xiian

Crazy vines!

Last minute entry. I am going to write a pipe game with vines instead of pipes.

Entrant: HipetyHopit

How I Took Over the World

  • — Final entry of "How I Took Over the World". A few things were left unfinished but it is mostly playable.
A platform defense game involving a mad scientist and his death ray.

Entrant: Tee

m. a. d.

This is a description.

Entrant: Ernie

Sudo Science

Members and Friends of Members of the Nerd Paradise community.

Team: ikanreed, blakeohare, infinip, Satyrane, stiva, Brendan, eofpi, Duke, Spears Dracona


"Your name is Lizzo, a skilled pilot who is assigned to dubious tasks after an accident." Complete the 4 missions to see the ending! ------------------------------------------- [Arcade game with plot] & [A bit of python from Spain :)]

Entrant: apadentro

This is MADscience

Secound time PyWeek, but with less time then first. About game: Mad science, dictators, vikings, thunder-lightning, LEAVE NOTHING BEHIND!!!

Entrant: Flaming Wolf

This is science, please!

Geniuses aren't understood. You are no exception.

Entrant: ThibG

The Fabulous Laboratory of Dr. Goldeinstein

Doctor Goldenstein has finally assembled all the ingredients, formulas and finished his gold-making machine. Face the challenge of this insane memory game, with fifteen combinations in a single arcade level with original fine pixel art, funny animations, two original soundtracks and lot of fun.

Team: rodrigomotta, WillMeira, Renato Morais

Bot Uprising

A rogue AI has taken over anything resembling a weapon to exterminate anyone who tries to switch it off.

Entrant: Willyfrog

Doom Tower

You run the day-to-day operations of Doom Tower. Hire Scientists and Igors to work with clients and build Doomsday devices. Build rooms to expand your operations and meet customer needs. Become a leader in the field of Mad Science! IMPORTANT: Read the readme

Team: helixwhiza, tmthesaurus, finn, GenteiJanken, SaxonDouglass, nogbog

Return Of The Daft Spaniels

After a break of 2 years, I am very keen to have another go at PyWeek! I've not done too much Python in that time but I have played around with various graphical experiments and some HTML5 games. So just a bit more prepared that last time - bring it on!!

Entrant: daftspaniel

The Cicada Of Antarctica

Somewhere above the Antarctic Circle there is Saint Etienne lab, where an experimental machine has been built to retrieve energy from the light dispersion.

This machine is able to break light up into its spectral components by using a special dispersive prism, and then routes the "colors" into three huge rings placed on the top of the lab, collecting the released energy.
Dr. Pheega Da Keelo, the lab's leader, suddently discovers some anomalies and finds that some maintenace drones of the first ring are not working fine. So she decides to wear her special suit and enters into the ring to fix the issue.

Once her work is completed, she discover that the root cause of the issue was the evil color-blind Zontar, who is going to sent his henchmen also in the remaining two rings.
Will Pheega succeed in destroing all the villans, fight against Zontar and finally save the world from a messed up colors destiny?


Known issue:
-heavy game
-missing music
-all the "death" animation wasted since the game is deleting the object immediately

Team: ilseppia, circusblatta, midnightstorm, ivi

Yellow and Dangerous

Help a mad scientist and her (imaginary) assistant run an experiment involving mad science and something that is yellow and dangerous.
Complete play-through video

Entrant: allefant


Unfinished, but at least you can run this one. """Collaborate with bad scientists to invent something weird. Beware! Budget is limited and they are not so easy.""" This is what I planned and not implemented.

Entrant: Dbaiawy

Lunatic's Arsenal

Lunatic's Arsenal is a point-and-click action game with puzzle elements. A mad scientist's creation has escaped from the lab, and it's up to you to use unorthodox methods to fight it. Can you unravel the scientist's cryptic clues before it's too late? Beating the game should take about 20 minutes, and will unlock the ability to go back and get 100%. Don't expect this to be an easy accomplishment, though! If you find the clues too difficult, check out help.txt.

Team: DR0ID, Cosmologicon, gummbum

Terrorise the Village

Terrorise the nearby village for your master.

Entrant: vwood

Deathrays with friends

Turns out all the evil villans at Dr Doom's School of evil villans arnt actually all that villanous.

Their major reserch project is to compleate a battle over a small patch of land with their classmates, Unfortuntely no one quite knows where to start

Thats where you come in, The students being lazy students have devised a method to crowdsource their battle plans from the internet.

- Python
- wxPython
- Pyro4

I am quite sure there are about a million bugs in my game, the ones i can think of off the top of my head - Some stuff can be a bit screwy when a game ends - All atacks damage the same amount of area - Cool buildings like sheilds and stealth were not implimented - Charge will only propagate on the next turn - Spelling mistakes, there are bound to be lots of them - There isnt much to stop people cheating, so play nice

Pretty much click on the buildings along the top and then on the lefthand grid to build them, you can hover over an item to see some stuff about it

To attack an enemy building, select a building and then click and drag from it onto the grid on the right

To power a building click and drag from an arc reactor onto a building on the left grid

Once everything is set up hit end turn

Entrant: Hugoagogo

Richard James

Entrant: RichardJames

Heads and Tales

Heads and Tales: a monster building RPG. Design your own monsters and bend those pesky villagers to your will!

Team: Chard, Martin, adam, ahdok, janrep

Fun with Color Streams

My wife didn't like "laser" so these "color streams" can be combined to create new colors using the wigits that you place that either attenuate, redirector, or combine streams. It may be more of a toy than a game, with puzzle potential given some more time to develop.

Entrant: bjorn

Myskomannen, the card game

Myskomannen ("The Mysterious Man", a mysterious character who supposedly showed up on campus once nearly 20 years ago in Uppsala and has not been seen since then) has decided to take over the world. Of course such an undertaking is impossible without some serious science. Join in an epic quest against myskomannen's evil crusade.

Entrant: adrwen

Defend Mechanicsburg!

An RTS set in the Girl Genius universe. Castle Heterodyne is under attack from Wulfenbach forces. Recruit minions, conduct experiments to develop crazy new weapons, and build an army of clanks to drive them away and save Mechanicsburg from enslavement. World domination should be no problem after that, although some say it's overrated.

Entrant: gcewing

Bottle of Awesomeness

An awesome game of pure awesomeness - in a bottle.

Entrant: Cody


These lab mice will become my army! I will train them to conquer the world! But they are not strong enough yet...I'll have to put my mad intern to work on it. A puzzle game where you mutate mice to solve mazes. An rough editor is included; if anyone wants to share a maze we can post it here. Email it to

Team: rgbDreamer, serme

Alias - an old-school FPS

Alias is a FPS game made in the style of classics like Doom and Marathon.

Entrant: DangerOnTheRagr


First PyWeek entry, yay! Simple and not finished 2d spaceshooter.

Entrant: szx

Dr. Chemical's Lab

Windows binary:

Use a grapple gun, a ray gun, and a lazer gun to stay alive in this strange mixture between action and puzzle. Play against other PyWeekers in Multiplayer mode, or hone your skills in Survival mode.

See the latest diary entry for instructions on how to play.

Team: superjoe, Squish

Mad Atoms

LEFT - to add electron; RIGHT - to add proton; SPACE - to shoot You need to kill as many red squares as You can. P.S. Please, do not hack my highscores server. I know that it has no security at all.

Entrant: petraszd

Evil Dr. Logicow in Mind Control Island

  • — fixed rare targetting bug that would crash the game
In a plan for world domination, Evil Dr. Logicow is breeding an army of mind-controlled creatures on his secret island. Six radical dinosaurs have to stop his dastardly plans if they ever want to save the world, and pursue their dreams of forming the first ever jurassic rock band. Alas, Evil Dr. Logicow is working on a solution to mind-control dinosaurs! Can they find his secret lab in time?

Entrant: logicow


Infiltrate the underground lab of the evil scientist and use your cunning to take him out! Robots, lasers, and cool terminals with flashy lights!

The game is winnable, but you'll have to be creative with how you do it. Check out the 'introduction' to learn about the keys.

Have fun! Don't worry if you die...all the time.


link to current source code:

Entrant: bitcraft

Dr Korovic's Flying Atomic Squid

Working from his secret volcano lair in the Pacific Ocean, Doctor Korovic has created an atomic super-squid with which to take over the world! Alas, Susie, the squid, is allergic to sea water. Doctor Korovic has conceived a most fiendish plan - Susie must take to the skies!

Please follow ongoing development of Doctor Korovic's Flying Atomic Squid at

If you want to play the final Pyweek version, download version 1.0.5 from the links above; this was a bugfix release made available during the judging period.

Entrant: mauve

The Cure

The Cure takes place in a small village up in the mountains. You are Dr. Nick Rogers, a scientist working on a new virus designed to seek out and destroy the cold viruses. Due to a lab accident, a mutated version escaped and infected the town. You have to explore the land and find the five ingredients you need to cure this new virus.

This is a Zelda-esque overhead-style game with different enemies and locations.

Entrant: ChipX86