Unfinished, but at least you can run this one. """Collaborate with bad scientists to invent something weird. Beware! Budget is limited and they are not so easy.""" This is what I planned and not implemented.


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Project Started

I spent almost 5 hours to think about the concept blankly. Finally, an idea came into my mind, so I sketched out the whole game design! I will start coding tomorrow.

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I realized...

Finished drafting the class design. I may upload it when the pyweek server is fixed. The coding work will become a bit more harder than I thought, as far as I can see. I might fail, but let's go forward, because this is a 'Challenge'. A lot of GUI parts are required, and I have no time to build it from scratch. Thus I picked out Albow for a GUI library. This humble library will fit my rush coding. I'll try to check how I can implement it into my source code.

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Still being garbage

3 hours was devoted to write some test codes. Looking over Albow's source was quite enjoyable. The project status is still alpha stage and what I've done is less than 5% of total. Nothing playable at the moment. I have to think about shrinking the project itself...

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I'm active and have no outcome.

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Today I wrote some code and screen image. What I am making is: Genre: Management Simulation Idea: Invent & develop something weird with odd scientists. Concept: Make simulation game more active and vivid powered by pygame. I'll do my best on Saturday and at least make a playable demo.

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After taking a rest, I uploaded the final submission with a document and screenshot. This was really hard project, I only slept 3hrs/day during the challenge. Total 32 hours I spent, just to make this unfinished game-like. The main reason why is that I was new to both pygame and Albow. In the first plan, player can invent something weird with bad scientists and sell them. I made whole my plan shrunk and tried to make at least 'executable' thing. After all, the game becomes nothing relevant with the 'Mad Science' theme, what a shame XD Nonetheless, I really enjoyed this challenge and hope to join the next. I will check other entries tomorrow. At a glance, some of them are very gorgeous. Thank you.