PyWeek - Mad Invention - feedback

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I hope this experience will help you make something cool come next PyWeek!

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Didn't do anything, but in a slightly pretty way.

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The title screen looked really nice. The interface is clean. I had some trouble reading the
task names, more color contrast here would have helped. It was impossible for me to imagine
much what this game was going to be like, so I'll stop there. :)

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Don't worry if the ratings seem harsh! I understand this was just a demo and is unfinished. For
what it is worth, I thought the grid interface was really well done and shows that you did put
effort into it. It's too bad there isn't a game to use such a beautiful interface. Better luck
next pyweek!

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There's nothing to do in here!

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I don't get it

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Not enough gameplay to make an informed judgment about the potential of the idea.

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Lovely UI, but it would be nice if there were more of a game. I'd really like to play it if you
finish it.

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I can not understand what is it...

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I didn't like it

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I'm sorry, but there is nothing funny in this game, and there is a lack of graphic or something
else. :-( IMHO only a management game isn't enough.

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It's almost clear which direction you intended your game to head in but unfortunately I don't
feel it achieved your goal and so it's not fun to play, it's actually unclear how to play... if
you can call it 'play'. I'd love for you to develop this further and achieve your idea because
it's something innovative, which is often quite exciting.