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Lab Escape 1.0 tarball
RichardJames 2012/05/12 22:54
RichardJames 2012/05/12 22:17

Diary Entries

Lab Escape Day 1

Looked at the theme and decided to do a top down action puzzler game. You are a mad scientists creation and are trying to escape the laboratory. Can you avoid the obstacles and solve the puzzles in order to gain your freedom?

  • Built some framework for code
  • Decided on screen resolution and tile sizes
  • Penciled some sprites
  • Looked at some puzzle aspects
  • Investigated configuration files and level formats

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Lab Escape for day in range (2, 4+1):

Day 2

Created some level loading code and sprites. Went isometric instead of top down 2D. Art seems to be taking a lot of time.

Day 3

Woke up with a terrible pain in my jaw. Went to see dentist. Wisdom tooth is partially erupted and causing infection. Dentist cannot remove it as it is too close to the nerves. Got referral to a dental surgeon to have it removed but not until the 17th of May. Pain was intense but am taking antibiotics to heal the infection. Needed to take codeine to sleep, no work done.

Day 4

Pain from mouth is still there, I can concentrate a bit on anti-inflammatory medication. Fiddled with the map and realised that by using isometric without scrolling you lose about half the screen compared to top down view. Don't want scrolling so I will change back to top down graphics. Makes everything easier.

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Lab Escape final entry

My game is not complete. In fact it only allows you to move the player sprite around in a room with no collision detection.

Real world issues have hampered my efforts to complete the game. I will continue working on it until it is complete.

Here is the README for the game
Pyweek 2012 Entry "Mad Scientist"
Game Name: Lab Escape
Team Name: Richard James (rjam)
Team Members: Richard James
Python Version: 2.7.1
Dependencies: Pygame and standard python libraries
Packed with: distribute
How to run the game: python
All Code is GPL 3 or later see the file COPYING included in this distribution
All art assets (images and sound) are licenced under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

Operating systems tested on: Xubuntu 11.04 Linux
Hardware tested on: Intel Atom Netbook

NOTE: This game is not COMPLETE, it runs but the game play elements are not working

Controls currently are the cursor keys to move. Escape to quit.

You are a mad scientist monster creation, but you feel that there is something more to the world than the mad scientist
laboratory. So you have decided to escape.

Move your monster to the exit door in each level. Avoiding the hazards and dangerous robots. Some puzzles may also
involve you altering the path of laser beams and spilling toxic chemicals onto the path of robots.

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