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Infiltrate the underground lab of the evil scientist and use your cunning to take him out! Robots, lasers, and cool terminals with flashy lights!

The game is winnable, but you'll have to be creative with how you do it. Check out the 'introduction' to learn about the keys.

Have fun! Don't worry if you die...all the time.


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Overall: 3.3
Fun: 3.4
Production: 3.7
Innovation: 2.8

8% respondents marked the game as not working.
Respondents: 11


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final screenshot
bitcraft 2012/05/13 00:13
final Screenshot
bitcraft 2012/05/13 00:11
bitcraft 2012/05/10 11:12

Diary Entries

The Start

This pyweek, I will be at a disadvantage of time.  I was busy all day Saturday and will not have any time on Tuesday to work at all.  I'm not too worried about it, but it adds a bit of pressure (which I like) to get something produced.  I'm a little dissapointed with the theme this time.

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Start of day two.

One goal of this pyweek for me will be using github exclusively.  I'm also using my 2d sprite library, lib2d, with hopes of making it platform game friendly.  In fact, I spent just about an hour yesterday on the game and got the basics done.  I'm using impossible mission, out of this world, doom, and metal gear as inspiration on this spy game.

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wrapping up day with robots!

yes, day two.  not much time to work on pyweek this week, but i've had a lot of time today to work and i am pretty happy with the results so far.

i created a pretty minimal tileset that includes an elevator shaft and big mainframe computers.  i found a great model for the hero and am very pleased with the quality of it so far.  i've added a single enemy so far, a laser turret robot.

i've also kept the source on github.  tonight i will finish a few details then head to sleep.  tomorrow i will draw more enemies, get the elevator going and get the inventory going.

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starting to make more headway

yesterday i spent most of my time fixing bugs and doing boring work inside the map loading portion.  there were also a couple minor bugs that i exposed in my TMX loader that needed to be worked out.  functionality wise, the game has the major elements in place, it will be mostly a rush to finish some more levels and polish it up.  i'm happy with where the game is now and confident that i can finish it!

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so far so good, need to add some levels

Last pyweek, i was way too ambitious, and didn't even get close to finishing.  This pyweek, I've had less time to work on it, but have done much better time-management wise.

That being said, I will have a completed, functional game for the end of the contest, but I've made a few cuts and I worry that it may not be very fun.  I choose to make a side scrolling platform game since I've never done anything like that before.  Things that need to be added are a display for your inventory, some status updates, and a pop-up dialog.

Things working:
    Smooth movement
    Accurate physics (things don't get stuck in the floor!)
    Stable keyboard control
    Title screen, pause screen, save and load
    Elevators and call buttons

Things to finish:
    Needs a few more monsters
    Needs doors and keys
    More levels

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Video Preview!

there are a few graphical glitches that need to be worked out.  if you are wondering, i keep ducking to avoid getting hit by the robot's laser.  =)






Post Pyweek

I only had a chance to test this entry on my macbook, so if anyone has an issue, let me know and I'll fix it.  If you want to play the most up-to-date version (after the one uploaded here) head over to github and grab the source there.

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New features post pyweek

Just a quick FYI on the game:

If you liked the pyweek version, please judge it, then download the current version on github.  Today I added a couple of the final elements that were missing from the game and wrapped it all up.  Saving still doesn't work completely, but once you figure the game out you won't need it.

    More ways to die!  Be careful!
    A final way out
    More terminals

The ending may be abrupt and unexpected!  The game is meant to be funny, don't take it too seriously.  Also, you will die often, just hang in there you can beat it!  =)



Pyweek #3 for me done!

I am so happy with how my entry did.  Much better than my previous entries!

Things done right:
    Set goals on each day
    Use revision control (github)
    Develop artwork (tileset)
    Use existing resources well (hero sprite, music)
    Mix genres
    Good performance on many machines

Things not so right:
    Not fix annoying bugs (no time!)
    Not being clear about the requirements (python 2.7)

I'm going to address a comment posted about my game because I felt it was too critical of the entry and justify myself here.  The comment, verbatim:

Dying is fun — unless it's the lousy platforming implementation that kills you. For example
getting stuck in a door and getting shot or running into an infinite loop in movePosition().
It's hard to score the art. It shows that it is lifted from various places because it does not
have a uniform style and is not put into the game neatly (try jumping while running for

Platforming: yes, there are bugs.  on python 3.2 especially, the timing is totally off (not my fault) and makes the bugs worse.  for one person making a platforming game in less than one week is no easy task.  also, getting shot is part of the game, not a bug.

art: are you kidding me?  i created the tiles from another tileset (had to redraw them all completely), made the robot myself and had to customize the animations for the hero.  the art totally has a style, i'm sorry if you don't see it.  the platforming sprite was not from me, but was very well animated and took a lot of work to get the details right.  there was no jumping animation with the sprite, why be so critical if the running animation plays while running?

the innovation score of one is totally uncalled for.  i should have gotten much higher than that.  the game combined a platforming game, a puzzle game, and elements of rougelikes with the text, collecting keys, and unforgiving death.  get a clue, seriously.

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