Pyweek #3 for me done!

I am so happy with how my entry did.  Much better than my previous entries!

Things done right:
    Set goals on each day
    Use revision control (github)
    Develop artwork (tileset)
    Use existing resources well (hero sprite, music)
    Mix genres
    Good performance on many machines

Things not so right:
    Not fix annoying bugs (no time!)
    Not being clear about the requirements (python 2.7)

I'm going to address a comment posted about my game because I felt it was too critical of the entry and justify myself here.  The comment, verbatim:

Dying is fun — unless it's the lousy platforming implementation that kills you. For example
getting stuck in a door and getting shot or running into an infinite loop in movePosition().
It's hard to score the art. It shows that it is lifted from various places because it does not
have a uniform style and is not put into the game neatly (try jumping while running for

Platforming: yes, there are bugs.  on python 3.2 especially, the timing is totally off (not my fault) and makes the bugs worse.  for one person making a platforming game in less than one week is no easy task.  also, getting shot is part of the game, not a bug.

art: are you kidding me?  i created the tiles from another tileset (had to redraw them all completely), made the robot myself and had to customize the animations for the hero.  the art totally has a style, i'm sorry if you don't see it.  the platforming sprite was not from me, but was very well animated and took a lot of work to get the details right.  there was no jumping animation with the sprite, why be so critical if the running animation plays while running?

the innovation score of one is totally uncalled for.  i should have gotten much higher than that.  the game combined a platforming game, a puzzle game, and elements of rougelikes with the text, collecting keys, and unforgiving death.  get a clue, seriously.

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I'm just glad for any comment that is more detailed than "it run" or "nice game". For things like style and controls the only thing that matters is how others perceive them, so it's always good to get feedback on them.