"Toy" status achieved. At least it has some beauty :)

Fun with Color Streams

My wife didn't like "laser" so these "color streams" can be combined to create new colors using the wigits that you place that either attenuate, redirector, or combine streams. It may be more of a toy than a game, with puzzle potential given some more time to develop.


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Overall: 2.3
Fun: 2
Production: 2
Innovation: 2.9

7% respondents marked the game as not working.
Respondents: 13


File Uploader Date
Much more of a game, but too late
bjorn 2012/05/13 18:27
Preliminary Final entry (just one simple level)
bjorn 2012/05/13 08:36
"Toy" status achieved. At least it has some beauty :)
bjorn 2012/05/12 21:31

Diary Entries

"Amusing Toy" status achieved

I like the concept my wife and I came up with for an entry this year; it's actually *almost* simple enough to tackle without a team in a week (given time constraints imposed by children and job).  The idea is you have some sort of colored light which you place devices in the path of to redirect, combine, or attenuate.  The goal being to hit one or more targets with a specific color.

As we approach the finish, I've got the redirection, attenuation, and combination mechanics all ironed out I think, which makes it rather amusing to play with; given three colorstreams I can now mix just about any color I want.  That puts it firmly in the "amusing toy" category.

I'd like to add targets so that you can "win" a level, and have multiple levels, but that's almost sure not to make it in before the deadline.  Shame, that would make it an actual game.  Maybe I'll at least get a target in.

the code (all roughly 400 lines of it) is on github:

the "Toy" tag corresponds to the state as of this post.  Maybe I'll upload it as a preliminary final entry.

I'm pretty happy that I actually managed to get something this far as a (mostly) solo project this time. 

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Saving, loading, and levels

Got pickle working so I could easily save when I had something I liked and load it up later.  This let me add levels.

I would need another hour or two to really tweak the level progression so that it had the right learning/difficulty curve, but I think it's as far as I'm going to get it. 

Had to enjoy the nice weather and take my kids to the park earlier, so all this level hottness is actually post the close of coding.  So I've uploaded it anyway, but not marked it final.  Feel free to use it for judging though if you want :)


Note to self, check package contents before uploading

seems that the packaging script ignored my extension-less level files (only a problem for version 0.0.2); I should have made sure the package was complete before I uploaded :P

if you want to try them you can get them from github: 

or grab the whole tarball:

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