A zombie.

Zombie Science!

First time at PyWeek, and I'm doing it solo. I hope I can complete a game. As a mad scientist plotting a zombie attack, you first need to test things in a controlled lab and figure out what zombie breeds work best. Campaign coming soon.


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Overall: 2.6
Fun: 2.3
Production: 2.5
Innovation: 2.9

23% respondents marked the game as not working.
Respondents: 10


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Final submission 1.1 (changed some readme stuff)
Keon 2012/05/13 03:47
A zombie.
Keon 2012/05/11 23:55

Diary Entries

Rough Ideas.

Secret Lair: What better lair than R'lyeh? Obviously Cthulhu is an obvious person, and I have always wanted to build a game around Cthulhlu. Most likely this will be a game where you send units out to attack the enemy base while they attack yours.

 Mad Science: They tell you that Daedalus flew with wings strapped to his back, but did you know he also carried a primitive machine gun and a lighsaber, potions of invisibility and a time machine? I have always wanted to do a dogfighting game, but planes are too boring. But Daedalus vs dragons and flying monkeys sounds fun.

 Everything goes to hell: Well, I can do something where you try to survive against everything going completely wrong. This one needs refinement.

Delinquency: I don't know, you smash stuff or something.

Daffodils Or Tulips: No clue. Is this a reference or something that has deeper meaning?

First time with PyWeek, looks fun. If Daffodils Or Tulips isn't chosen, and maybe if it is, I think I can still manage a decent game.

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Alright, let's begin!

My idea is somewhat vauge, as mad science wasn't my top choice.

32 years ago, in 8th grade, our hero is walking home from school when he crashes into a pole. Most people would just forget about it, but this kid doesn't. He whacks it with a baseball bat, but it stays up. This kid grows up, and becomes a mad scientist in a secret lab under the ocean in the south pacific. But has he forgotten that pole? NO! And he will launch every rocket he can to destroy that pole.

Build a rocket, kill the pole, deal tons of damage to destroy it. And maybe the earth surrounding it. And maybe all of the town surrounding it. IT DOESN'T MATTER, THAT POLE NEEDS TO DIE!

Time to get to work on that code.

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A new idea and some progress.

The new idea is similar to the pole one in that you return to a place where you where humiliated in your childhood and get revenge, only now it is basketball. So, day 1 I have some nice working walking around. Since screenshots are broken, I put the image up here.


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Day 2 Progress

Well, at the end of day 2 for me, I have a player and a ball in 2.5d, and the player can catch the ball. Tomorrow I will get baskets, more players, passing and shooting done. I hope.

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Zombies Work!

My game has completely changed. It is a simple game about breeding zombies to fight other zombies and the objective is simple: Use the scientific method to battle zombies. Or just throw random zombies at each other, or challenge a friend to a zombie duel.

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Final Submission 1 up.

I think I'm done. No sound, but I don't think I could do sound well. I wanted to add a campaign and more units, but hey, it works and I'm happy.

Please try it out and give feedback and rate it and everything.