PyWeek - Keon - feedback

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3 2 3

no sound

2 2 3

Sweet death animation!

1 1 1 yes

Started but nothing happened...

1 1 1 yes

Citation from the Spelling Police: It is spelled "preparation"! :) Oh no, it died. Your hopes
for Python 2.7 compatibility didn't blossom? C:/Python26/pythonw.exe -u
"/zombiescience/" Traceback (most recent call last): File
"/zombiescience/", line 380, in zombieList = charChose(screen, 1, 1000,
[]) File "/zombiescience/", line 218, in charChose info =
[font.render('Zombie:', True, (0,0,0)),font.render('Speed:
{}'.format(zombie.speed), True, (0,0,0)),font.render('Health:
{}'.format(zombie.hp), True, (0,0,0)),font.render('Attack: {}'.format(zombie.att),
True, (0,0,0)),font.render('Defence: {}'.format(zombie.defence), True,
(0,0,0)),font.render('Credits: {}'.format(creditsAvailable), True,
(0,0,0)),font.render('Cost: {}'.format(cost), True, (0,0,0))] ValueError: zero length
field name in format

2 2 3

Elegant in its simplicity, but too simple to warrant a higher production score. I would need
more information about damage dealt/taken, etc, and more variety of enemies, in order to
remain engaged.

1 3 3

Decent effort. The idea has potential and the interface isn't bad, but the game needed more
gameplay - some sort of overall goal, rather than just pitting different zombies against each

1 1 1 yes

Doesn't work in 2.6 and hangs on pygame.mixer.pre_init

1 1 1


3 3 3

Like the idea of sending zombies against other zombies, I wish we had more time to finish these
games :) I love the animation of the zombie dying haha

3 3 4

The concept of your entry is pretty good. It's kinda like a game i used to play with legos by
building tops and crashing them into each other. I would have given you a better production
score if there was music and sound. Congratulations on your first pyweek! I look forward to
seeing more of your games.

2 4 3

Confusing--nothing indicated that I was creating two zombies to fight each other.

2 2 3

Not really a game although the idea could become a nice game. :)

4 3 3

Sometimes the money don't decrease when you buy something the art is too simply (no
background) the button "procede" don't always work