Rough Ideas.

Secret Lair: What better lair than R'lyeh? Obviously Cthulhu is an obvious person, and I have always wanted to build a game around Cthulhlu. Most likely this will be a game where you send units out to attack the enemy base while they attack yours.

 Mad Science: They tell you that Daedalus flew with wings strapped to his back, but did you know he also carried a primitive machine gun and a lighsaber, potions of invisibility and a time machine? I have always wanted to do a dogfighting game, but planes are too boring. But Daedalus vs dragons and flying monkeys sounds fun.

 Everything goes to hell: Well, I can do something where you try to survive against everything going completely wrong. This one needs refinement.

Delinquency: I don't know, you smash stuff or something.

Daffodils Or Tulips: No clue. Is this a reference or something that has deeper meaning?

First time with PyWeek, looks fun. If Daffodils Or Tulips isn't chosen, and maybe if it is, I think I can still manage a decent game.