April 2009 challenge: “Get off my lawn”

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PyGameSF entry to pyweek. Hopefully we will have some fun! Note by playing or downloading this game or viewing this pyweek entry you hereby agree to be bound by the terms and conditions outlined in the DuraTurf HandySod License Agreement, a copy of which can be found here:

Team: htormey, cbean, Beelze

Chess vs Zombies!

Unfortunately, I didn't have time to finish my entry, so I wrote this little game on the last day (second time in a row this happens). At least I get to judge other games. :)

Maybe next time I'll do something that's at the same time decent and not too big. Sorry for those expecting to play my game.

Looking forward to playing your games!

Entrant: Tee


A second try with PyWeek.

Entrant: georgek

Grandpas Garden

Try your combat skills in this epic beat-em-up. Do you have the skills and reflexes to defend your garden from an army of marauding goons?

Team: MattS, dvadas, andyb, ystevens


Hopefully this encourages me to actually program something.

Entrant: LordFartinbras

Cat vs Mice

Cat vs Mice

A cat must defend his domain against waves of invading mice! Catch the mice before they reach the garden shed.

Entrant: mespringfield

Python Space

My first try at PyWeek. Hopefully, the first of many ;-)

Entrant: Cable

Lawn Fairy

As a Lawn Fairy, it is your mission to protect your piece of garden. Blow bugs away from grass blades before they eat everything!

Team: Woodwolf, Kokoro


Team: alia, smatts

kill H1N1

I hope that, No People will kill in this ill.

Entrant: milker


  • Swoosh.zip — Requires http://pyglet.org/ to run!
A team of young danish game developers.

Team: utdiscant, hejsa, VildNinja, zhennTil

PyedPypers - take two

The team from pyedpypers.org, back for more pyweek adventure XD

Team: RB[0], nihilocrat, pymike, keeyai


My first entry into pyweek ... looking forward to it. :)

Entrant: eigenbom

I Am Lagomorph

Do it slowly, take it easy, row row fight the powah.

Team: Jessicatz, piman


Roll around a 3d lawn with your buddy balls, making hills, valleys, and color trails. Knock enemy balls off the lawn!

(Includes pyglet, and a pure-python physics engine -- no dependencies!)

Entrant: oresmus

Wizard's Solitude

Wizard's Solitude

A bastardized, crappy Tower Defense game, combined with the world's most unoriginal interpretation of the theme. Awesome!

Make sure to check the README for instructions.

I can has naptime now?

Entrant: syntaxglitch


My first PyWeek entry

Entrant: Nannerpuss


Solo entry by wreckgar23. No previous form. Getting some coding practice in between job hunting.

Entrant: wreckgar23

dont know

Objective: protect your family from the zombies for as long as you can. Controls
  • W -> move forward
  • A -> move back
  • SPACE -> attack
  • Mouse motion -> orientate your character
  • Mouse Click -> select a relative and designate his/her location

You can fight the zombies with your bare hands but when doing so you will receive damage from their attacks so it's best to use the shotgun which will spawn somewhere in the house at the begining of the game for you to pick up.

Life and ammo

From time to time medkits and food will spawn in the house as well as ammo for your shotgun. You can send a member of your family to pick up life if they are damaged or you can pick them yourself. If you send a relative to pick ammo, you will need to touch him/her in order to get it.


You can move your family by clicking on them and setting a destination, you will find that some areas are strategically better than others. Keep in mind that they will panic if you move too far from them.

It's a good idea to try to pick up as much ammo as you can all the time... you will need it!

The game ends if you die or if all the members of your family die.

That's it folks. Enjoy and let us know how much time you lasted!

Team: claxo, Macarse, alecu, JuanjoConti, nicoechaniz, Modi17, ricardokirkner, humitos, lucio


  • Sneaksy-1.0.zip — Plant flowers and bushes with your flamer of an old man. Careful the neighbors kids will stop on your flower beds.
An undefined collection of developers, with an undetermined amount of time to complete a game.

Team: bjorn, Sharru.kin, easyasy2k

Aliens on My Lawn

This entry is going to be ambitious. Unlike the last attempt, hopefully this keeps my interest and results in some sweetness.

The game is going to be a top-down shooter. Gameplay will be simplistic, but fun. Hopefully the production value is pretty good, though.

Entrant: PrintStar

Get Off!

Stop the bugs from moving to the right of your lawn. Do this by placing bugsprays in their way.

Team: ajvogel, a_boegie

The Unfortunate Undoing

  • The_unfortunate_undoing-1.0.2.zip — The Unfortunate Undoing 1.0.2 - "Live. Go to work. Live. Have a family or don't. Live. Let the could have beens haunt you. Live. A pseudo-adventure rumination on life."
  • The_unfortunate_undoing-1.0.1.zip — The Unfortunate Undoing 1.0 - "Live. Go to work. Live. Have a family or don't. Live. Let the could have beens haunt you. Live. A pseudo-adventure rumination on life."
  • The_unfortunate_undoing-1.0.zip — The Unfortunate Undoing 1.0 - "Live. Go to work. Live. Have a family or don't. Live. Let the could have beens haunt you. Live. A pseudo-adventure rumination on life."

Live. Go to work. Live. Have a family or don't. Live. Let the could have beens haunt you. Live. A pseudo-adventure rumination on life.

Team: ZeroByte, gordallott


My first entry since PyWeek #2. I like to roll with every other power of two. Unfortunately that means this will be my last PyWeek for a while.

Entrant: midtown

Leaving Home

The door's open, you just need to get outside.

Team: alex, biccy

Lawn Order - SVU

Grumpy George doesn't like those dang kids all up on his lawn. But he sure does like to get himself a piece of Martha's sweet sweet apple pie!

Team: myke, jimbobpetemoss

mutANTs Part 1: Mandible Mayhem

mutANTs Part 1: Mandible Mayhem

An Ant RTS. Kill the enemy colony.

Team: bencoder, Mat

Myna Weft Golf

My Two Fang Elf
My Wet Fog Flan
My New Flag Frog
My Wet Golf Fan
Elf Got My Fawn
My Waffle Tong
Weft My Flagon
Myna Weft Golf <-- Okay, this is it

That piece of yarn looks nice... it would make a great lining for a nest! But it's all strewn about... I'll have to roll it up before I can take it home...

Entrant: gcewing

Lawn Defense Force

Entrant: evilmrhenry


A short building game. Playthrough video

Entrant: allefant

IP Saints

The world is in chaos. Ruthless criminals are all over our internet stealing Intellectual Property.

Fortunately the noble God-appointed representatives of content creation summon Justice and its saints to defend the very future of innovation.

A mix of turn-based strategy with card games.

I messed up some of the instructions, so I decided to post this nice diagram here instead:

By the way, your cards are only refilled at the beginning of your turn. And you don't get rid a card unless you use it.

Entrant: shundread


NOTE: Rated T for Teen (swearing, descriptions of violence)

We took the theme "Get Off My Lawn" and tried to dig deep into the mentality of the kind of person that would say such a thing - what is "Get off my lawn!" really about? It's about someone who is unhappy with his life and is taking it out on others. It's about trying to control that little rectangle you feel ownership over, amid forces that are ultimately beyond your control. It's about dissatisfaction. It's about aging. It's about ennui.

We found that it was pretty hard to make a game about ennui. But we consider it a success.

Team: sjbrown, patrick

Everybody loves the Circus Invasion

Everybody loves the Circus Invasion!

Team: jakob, Rkey, j-1, Clueless

You'd like to know

Currently awaiting funding to begin our next bug project. I mean big project. Please send all Cheques, money orders, loose bills, and live Elephants, to our ranch in Uberwald. The more elephants we have, the sooner we can begin. No money will be spent buying fancy cars or on hotel rooms, it will all be used to purchase elephants to help create our next big game. You make it possible.

Team: saluk, Galrin

Rose Ninja

Wordpress blog is still going strong

Get up to the minute updates on my progress on Twitter! =^..^=


Rose the Red Ninja was walking out in the grassy fields near her home in Japan, when a Blue Ninja appeared!

He laughed, and told Rose that she was on Lord Skygem's lawn, and that he wanted her off of it... At all costs!

Rose must fight her way through the Blue Ninja forces and finally defeat Lord Skygem, so that she can bring glory to her master, Lord Crimson!

Notes that weren't in the README:
Press E to pause
Press R to restart the level
(Note:You'll have to sit through the load screen again :-()
Press Q to quit
(Closing the window also works)

The Status:

Done! Hope You Enjoy It!

Level One: Not much to say about it, mostly trying to get the hang of making levels. Came out okay, thought, so I kept it.

Level Two: Big vertical climb with enemies above. Also, lots of enemies at the end.

Level Three: You are immediately dropped in front of a large group of enemies, and must escape. Or fight them, if you're brave/crazy

And Then...: You have won the game! Bonzai!


Here's to never giving up hope! ^o^

Entrant: Akake

Benjamin Butterbloom and the evil supergardeners

Hurray it's pyweek again. This is my fourth pyweek and like all other pyweeks before i'm sure, that it's going to be a lot of fun. The last pyweek my motivation lacked a little bit because, the content creation was far to ambitious for a solo entry, so this time i concentrate on the game mechanics and not so much on gfx and sfx. To all of you: Have a nice pyweek!

Entrant: Trobadour

Lawn Defender

2 programmers and 1 artist.This is our first pyweek.We are still in highschool so we have a just a few time.We hope to finish our project in time.

Team: alex mansu, bart, Ripper92

Lawn of the Dead

You are Sir Grumpy McGrumpington, veteran of the Sheep Wars, and you just want to peacefully enjoy your retirement on your very own stone cottage near a village in Scottland. You are very proud of your superb lawn - you invested a lot of time into it and nobody else in Northern Scottland owns a better one. Maybe not even on the whole British Isles.

But sadly, your plans on peaceful retirement are futile. Something bad happened - Media reports an infection or something else - and everyone seems to turn into a flesh eating half dead half undead beast. You could care less, but just some moments ago those filthy monsters trespassed your lot and are now stomping and scuffling on your precious lawn!

So be it! Grab your old and trustworthy Winchester shotgun and show these undead rowdies what you think of their behaviour!

Team: ServalKatze, Zahmekoses

Lawning day

Build the loveliest park, but don't let the people get on your lawn.

Finished on time!

Entrant: eltriuqS

LAWN: Terror From The Green

A lighthearted tactical stealth game for the theme "Get off my lawn!", LAWN:TFTG puts you in control of a group of young children on a mission to rescue their football.

Tips to players:

Tip 1: Click on stars on the map to start missions.

Tip 2: If you only have 1 non-panicked kid left, restart the mission by pressing SHIFT-R. There's no penalty for retrying.

Tip 3: Distraction is key. The elderly turn towards sources of sound. Even if they heard something, another sound can divert their attention again.

Tip 4: Kids can move off the lawn while others can't.

Download Mac OS X disk image

Download Windows executable

Download source (platform-independent)

(These links are for the post-competition version 1.5.)

Watch trailer

Entrant: cyhawk


If you don't mind, we'd like to rock Pyweek #8.

Team: pekuja, JDruid, DR0ID, ldle


Save your surroundings from being consumed by city.

Entrant: kent_turbo

Imperium: Tux

Few details are currently available about Imperium: Tux. This is my Pyweek 8 entry. It is a simple tube shooter inspired by the classic game Tempest.

Entrant: jotham


A philosophical game about life... Will Pragma be able to recover from the loss of her prized cat Bregma? Can she save her remaining kittens from the neighborhood children? Will her azalea bushes grow in this drought?!

Instructions for playing:

W-A-S-D: Moves Pragma Around
Left Mouse: Sprays hose

Spray 33% of the azalea bushes to start the game!!

Team: FatHat, ecoffey, Airbrett


  • gomfl.zip — GOMFL FPS
  • gomfl.tgz — A cut of the game, just incase things are overloaded later
Woot! Team consists of: Brian Glen Hatem Jerry Michael Mike Ryan Wes

Team: bobm, Windex, pykler, Jerry, mgale, sixohsix, cheung31, wdevauld

LAWn Enforcer

It is a top-down view shooter, you play a robot called "LAWn Enforcer", and your purpose in life is to keep people's lawns without any pests, including aliens.. who cant seem to get the hint to stay off it!

Entrant: nuker18


  • kettling-lite-0.1.tar.gz — Re-upload of lite version with readme file - needs a less beafy computer to run than normal version; requires panda 3D.
  • kettling-0.1.tar.gz — Exactly the same as kettling.tar.gz, just with the addition of a readme.txt file I forgot. Still requires Panda 3D to run - windows users will be better off with the installer.
(Note - the above files (If viewing this on the list of all games.) are the code for the full version - you will need a computer with panda 3D installed to use this. On the download page there are Windows installers for convenience. The lite version is for lower spec. computers as the full version is very demanding.)

A protest simulation - you control the police in a simple (But deceptively tricky) RTS and kettle some protesters. Kettling is a term that reached prominence recently when used by the police at the G20 demonstrations in London - it refers to trapping a group of protesters in an area and not letting them leave, for any reason. The only way to leave early is to suffer a medical emergency, or suffer a medical emergency because you can't leave in the first place to get medicine.

Entrant: lethe


Game title: Panspermia.

You control the destiny of a race of plant-like creatures on a faraway world. As they reach the verge of self-awareness, they realize that their planet is dying and they must spread their vines throughout the cosmos to survive.

Or something like that.

Entrant: Cosmologicon

Happy Insect Garden

Happy Insect Garden: Use good-hearted insects to defend your garden from their evil brethren.

Team: Chard, Carrie, Martin, adam, Garath, Abi


  • StarfireLawnDoctor.zip — I'll call this a wrap. Mission of getting the hang of pyglet basics accomplished.
Will I be able to burn the candle from both ends?

Entrant: skaro

Clay Pots

  • Ant_Navigation.zip — First and Final version of the non-game Ant Navigation. Fully interactive fun! Keep score in your head!
Our primary goals are to practice our respective skills and to learn more about Python. Hopefully we'll also produce something interesting and fun! We have 2 coders, 2 writers, 4 designers, and 3 graphic artists; for a total of 4 team members.

Team: morlem, RogerC, HairGamer, ParasiteArtist

RCr: Larry's Lawn

An ubercool micro racing game.

Team: jtietema, maikg


The local animal control just lost their control of their cats. The cats on everyone's lawn. Use your lawnmower to catch those cats and chain these cats to your mower like a snake.

Entrant: jaber

Spawnmower Lawn Defense

You are a pest control technician and you are chosen to save the worlds lawn from vermin attacks.

The game contains different towers, creeps, time dependent menus and can partially be controlled with gestures.

You can build the following towers:
FlyFlatTowerThe Fly flap is good to attack a group of insects with its splash damage. It cannot attack air units.
HoneyPotTowerThe HoneyPot Tower has less damage than all the other towers. It slows down the creeps for a while. In the lesser levels enemies gets a health point bonus when they are attacked by the HoneyPot.
ToadTowerThe Toad Tower is very effective against small insects. It can only attack one enemy at a time.
InsecticideTowerThe Insecticide Tower is effective against groups of enemies. It causes a poison damage over time, if an enemy was hit.
Every Tower is available in 3 Upgrade levels. If you like shortcuts, you should take a look into the README.txt. Have Fun and good luck to all pest control technicians!!!

Team: T-002, jmc, franzi