Imperium fighter in the ethercage

Imperium: Tux

Few details are currently available about Imperium: Tux. This is my Pyweek 8 entry. It is a simple tube shooter inspired by the classic game Tempest.


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Overall: 3.1
Fun: 3.3
Production: 3.5
Innovation: 2.5

3% of respondents wished to disqualify the entry.
Respondents: 28


File Uploader Date
Grinding the wall
jotham 2009/05/02 19:53
Hopefully this is the final version.
jotham 2009/05/02 19:46
Almost there
jotham 2009/05/02 16:54
Pillars and stuff!
jotham 2009/05/01 14:28
Collisions, Position deformation and constraint inside terrain cage
jotham 2009/04/30 11:09
Imperium fighter in the ethercage
jotham 2009/04/28 13:14

Diary Entries

End of day 2. Feeling more optimistic than yesterday.

(accidentally posted this in the wrong section sorry.)

Well, day 2 has ended for me. Feeling more optimistic than I was yesterday.

Have quite a few problems already but am pretending not to notice them. The only way is forward...whichever axis that is along :-\. I need to improve my OBJ exporter as right now I'm sure I'm drawing far too many lines in a far too inefficient manner. I also need to figure out how to get some animations happening. I am going to need some art help but am not sure how to go about that just yet, I am also very apprehensive about how slow any particle effects are actually going to be.

I set up a repository here:

and here is my first real screenshot:

praise the lords of python \m/


End of day 3. Feeling tired and a little demoralised.

Well, I had a few problems with pyglet. Mostly because I am ignorant. Was meant to work on collision detection. Oh well. On the upside, I have refactored my game code, assembled the basic layout for the final project, improved the drawing speed dramatically and fixed a number of other stupid problems. HOORJ!

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Imptux WIP

Well, made some pretty good progress today. Now have collision detection, position deformation and constraint inside terrain cage. Some less visible stuff like startup library version checking, more tweaks to the render loop and integration of piman's GProfiler tool.

Not really sure what I should work on next. Probably work on the terrain a bit more or add some life to the vehicles. Not sure what to do about enemy AI and combat, this may turn out to be very dull in some regards =)

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Zoom zoom zoom.

Well, it'll be a race to the finish line. A lot of unknowns still standing before me. My lack of experience with pyglet is has really been slapping me around the face. Changed my object importer a bit, made a couple of new graphics. Fixed a few things. Generally fiddled around with things (tm).

Am still pretty optimistic about getting this game to a playable state for the end. Sleeping now even though I don't have to work tomorrow, hopefully that'll avoid any burnout tomorrow. A friend said he will look at making me some music, provided him with a number of songs to use as a guide, am fairly excited to see what he will produce. Found a free-for-personal-use font, have contacted the author, hopefully everything is good with that.

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Almost there!

Looks like everything is coming together I guess, pretty much lost any sense of objectivity. Can't tell what is hard, what is easy. Need a nap, but no time for that sort of carry on. Am pretty happy with everything. Friend came over and gave me the music he put together. I have added some sounds also. They are a good fit. Pretty happy with how my capital ship looks. Finally got the 'rail slide' grind effect in. Yay. All systems go.


Imperium: Tux Final Entry

Bam! I think I'm done.

Even seems to run on my poorly 1Ghz Mac laptop.

You can download the game here