PyWeek - Imperium: Tux - feedback

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2 2 2


4 4 3

Very nice. Loved the music and the retro feel.

Found it stuttered occasionally and I found it very difficult - didn't even get past level 1, which limited the fun factor, but very nice entry nonetheless

3 3 2 yes

Not sure how this fits the theme. Kinda fun in a classic style though.

2 4 2

Very good production.

4 4 3

love the vector art style and the little touches like the sparks when hitting the sides of the tube. this game doesn't have anything to do with lawns though, despite the intro screen text.

4 4 3

I like your interpretation of the theme :D

2 3 1 yes

Turning a normal english word into an acronym doesn't count as following the theme. This has nothing to do with Pyweek.
Nice visuals, hard gameplay, didn't beat the (first?) boss.

4 4 3

Agh, I can't seem to get past the first level, too hard. Other than that, great work on this game, it was more fun than I expected. The sound and music really add to games like these, so I appreciated having those. This retro style also feels very natural to the game. The theme, though, seems a bit tacked on. Nice job, it was fun.

4 2 2

Very cool! Fast-paced action with cool graphics and matching music. However, enemy fire is hard to see and the theme is not implemented AT ALL. Therefore, low rating for production.

3 2 3

wee 80's!

4 2 2

Smooth animation<br>

3 4 2

Nice retro look, and good smooth controls. Didn't really get into it though - I just don't have
the reaction times.

4 3 2

It was kinda fun, but it would be nicer to see some level transition and different bosses. Also, it's kinda hard at first, but that's a good thing. =)

4 3 3

Please continue working on it.

3 3 2

Tough game, really.

3 3 2

OK, but no real feedback as to how the player was doing in-game.

1 4 2

Sorry, but it's too hard for me. Everything happens too fast.
By the time the enemies are close enough to see what's going
on, I'mn dead.

4 5 1

Looks great! Fun and smooth. Very weak use of theme....

One issue is that if you hold down both J and K for a little while, your shot rate dwindles to
almost nothing and there's no way to get it back.

2 3 1

The game over screen is not made very explicit :).

4 3 2

Nice retro style that I wish was used more. Gameplay wise a bit iffy with just one level but I liked how I dropped into the zone while playing it. Music choice was also pretty spot on.

4 5 5 yes

Excellent work mate! Obviously didn't contain the theme.

4 5 4

gooooood job

4 3 3

good one but what about the topic?

4 5 3

Great entry. Great audio. Fitting visuals. Really hard though.

2 3 3 yes

"Lawn", eh? ... Level one seemed endless.. does it ever end? I also did not encounter any other
enemy-type (so could stick with Fire Type A) - even after about 5 minutes of gameplay... *?*

Also disqualify, as the theme was just a text reference in some intro-text (even if written in

5 5 4

This reminds me of G-Police! Awesome!<br><br>I would like a stronger indication of being killed, though. I found that a little bit confusing at first.

2 2 3

Far too difficult. The boss is impossible.

3 5 2

gameplay is a little repetitive, and it's perhaps just a little too hard, but it looks awesome and is a pretty decent shmup.