End of day 2. Feeling more optimistic than yesterday.

(accidentally posted this in the wrong section sorry.)

Well, day 2 has ended for me. Feeling more optimistic than I was yesterday.

Have quite a few problems already but am pretending not to notice them. The only way is forward...whichever axis that is along :-\. I need to improve my OBJ exporter as right now I'm sure I'm drawing far too many lines in a far too inefficient manner. I also need to figure out how to get some animations happening. I am going to need some art help but am not sure how to go about that just yet, I am also very apprehensive about how slow any particle effects are actually going to be.

I set up a repository here: http://code.google.com/p/imptux/

and here is my first real screenshot:

praise the lords of python \m/

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Wicked cool!
that looks excellent! I especially love the concave surface.
WOA! That must be a huge lawn! :D