I'm a highschool hobbyist game developer with an intense love of video games from the 80s and 90s. Check out my homepage here.

pymike's entries

9 Fuzzy Pixels Fuzzy Pixels DNF
9 robonic [insert name] 3.48
8 BubbMan 2 3.53
8 PyedPypers - take two PyedPypers - take two 3.26
7 P4 P4 - Python Pyrates from 3.03
7 Mr. Fuze 3.37
6 Magma Team Magma Team 3.13
6 NanoBot 3.15

pymike's awards

Old school Presented by kent_turbo for [insert name]

Flawless Production Presented by adam for 8ball

merits Presented by Macarse for PyedPypers - take two

Knows the lambda Presented by T-002 for 8ball

Platforming security blanket Presented by ldle for 8ball

Syobon Trophy Presented by kent_turbo for 8ball

The most competitive user award! Presented by john for 8ball

First game on the list unless someone names theirs with a 7 award Presented by saluk for 8ball

Most intense time limit Presented by saluk for Entry PyMike 007

Connect the dots Presented by saluk for P4 - Python Pyrates from

"Grog for veryone!" Award for Piratey Goodness Presented by HanClinto for P4 - Python Pyrates from

Fantabulastic Game! Presented by HanClinto for Entry PyMike 007

Retro 8-bit award Presented by riq for Entry PyMike 007

The wonderfunnyness awardity prize Presented by nilsf for Entry PyMike 007