I'm a highschool hobbyist game developer with an intense love of video games from the 80s and 90s. Check out my homepage here.


PyWeek Game Team Rating
9 Fuzzy Pixels Fuzzy Pixels DNF
9 robonic [insert name] 3.48
8 BubbMan 2 3.53
8 PyedPypers - take two PyedPypers - take two 3.26
7 P4 P4 - Python Pyrates from 3.03
7 Mr. Fuze 3.37
6 Magma Team Magma Team 3.13
6 NanoBot 3.15

pymike's awards

Old school Presented by kent_turbo for robonic

Flawless Production Presented by adam for BubbMan 2

merits Presented by Macarse for PyedPypers - take two

Knows the lambda Presented by T-002 for BubbMan 2

Platforming security blanket Presented by ldle for BubbMan 2

Syobon Trophy Presented by kent_turbo for BubbMan 2

The most competitive user award! Presented by john for BubbMan 2

First game on the list unless someone names theirs with a 7 award Presented by saluk for BubbMan 2

Most intense time limit Presented by saluk for Mr. Fuze

Connect the dots Presented by saluk for P4

"Grog for veryone!" Award for Piratey Goodness Presented by HanClinto for P4

Fantabulastic Game! Presented by HanClinto for Mr. Fuze

Retro 8-bit award Presented by riq for Mr. Fuze

The wonderfunnyness awardity prize Presented by nilsf for Mr. Fuze