NanoBot is PyMike's solo entry. You play as NanoBot, a recent creation of Dr. M. P. Ython, who has to find five different chemicals to blow up a laboratory riddled with stupid monsters.

Special Thanks To:
  • sfxr - A sound making tool by DrPetter
  • The Gimp 2 - An image editing tool
  • The people in the #pyweek channel on IRC for all their help!


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Overall: 3.1
Fun: 3.4
Production: 3.2
Innovation: 2.8

0% of respondents wished to disqualify the entry.
Respondents: 38

Diary Entries

PyWeek Warmup - Helicopters

Well, I made a little pyweek warmup this morning, called "Helicopters". I'm having problems with the script, so right now the game is hosted on my webpage. Download it here.

Enjoy the game, and please give me feedback!


Hurrah! Tennis Graphics!

Yay! I finished some Tennis graphics for my RoboTennis game! Hopefully the tennis game will play like Super Tennis on the SNES, or maybe you'll "charge" up like in MarioTennis. It all depends on how much time I have to finish it. I'm also working on a team entry with Geometrian and Satanas, so I won't be able to spend the whole week on this entry. Now to make Mr. Robo face down, and start some code :)



Yay! I've made some good progress. I finally decided to make a shooter-based maze game, and its coming along really well. So far the game has a camera, a light effect, collisions, particles, most of the basic fundamentals. :) If you want check it out, download it here.

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Final Entry! (I think)

Well, I think I finished my solo entry. I've been trying to get it finished so I can work more on my team entry. ;) Anyway its got a menu, cutscenes, powerups, badguys, particles, guns, and (I think) more. Have fun!

  • Move and rotate: Arrow Keys
  • Shoot: Spacebar, Z, or Left Ctrl
  • Rotate slowly: X, Left Alt, or Right Alt>
  • Python 2.4
  • PyGame 1.7


NanoBot Controls...

Hey everyone,

I suddenly got kinda panicky that people would hate my game's control scheme 'cause it can be hard to shoot down passages. If you hold "x" you can rotate your player slower. All the controls are below.
  • Move: Up and down arrows
  • Rotate: Left and right arrows
  • Shoot: Spacebar or z
  • Rotate slowly: x or Left/Right Alt

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Post Compo - Pygerpugabot

Hi everyone,

I did a post-compo "robot" game, which was also my first game made with pyglet. You play as a robot called "Pygerpugabot", a creation of Wiz Kid, who must fight the evil "Chullus" who have recently invaded Earth.

This is a really simple platform shooter, with five levels and a boss. It also features sound effects, music, powerups, baddies, and a continue feature.

  • Python 2.5
  • Pyglet 1.1 alpha 2
How To Play
  • Move: Arrow Keys
  • Jump: Z
  • Attack: X
Download (1.07 MB)

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