BubbMan 2

BubbMan 2
Featuring Adventure Island type gameplay with a little Sonic the Hedgehog thrown in, BubbMan 2 is the second entry in the series.

After his adventures in the Dododu Mountains, BubbMan decided he needed a vacation. Having a sharp craving for linguine, he jumped in his plane and set off for Solini Plaza. Unfortunately, his engine died while flying over the Snoofly Hills. After barely managing to bail out, his plane crashed in the middle of a large green patch of lawn. Sprawled on the grass, he looks up - and sees a giant lawn mower. Looking up a little more, he sees an old man's beard. Still more, and he sees the old man's face. (Later BubbMan recalled what a pretty shade of purple it was!) Suddenly, the engine reved up, and BubbMan started running for dear life - the old man in the lawn mower was chasing him, and screaming something about getting off his lawn, azaleas, and hot rod airplanes. Can BubbMan keep up his energy and make his escape?

You can throw rocks! X key! :)


Flawless Production
Presented by adam

Knows the lambda
Presented by T-002

Platforming security blanket
Presented by ldle

Syobon Trophy
Presented by kent_turbo

The most competitive user award!
Presented by john

First game on the list unless someone names theirs with a 7 award
Presented by saluk

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Ratings (show detail)

Overall: 3.5
Fun: 3.8
Production: 4.3
Innovation: 2.5

2% of respondents wished to disqualify the entry.
Respondents: 44

Diary Entries

Getting psyched

Woo, PyWeek time again! I registered a solo entry, but I'm not sure if I'll do that or a team yet. Last time around I did somewhat better in my solo, but it's more fun working with one or two other people.

Anyway, we'll see how it goes. Oh, and on a side-note, if anyone wants to do a warmup, we're having a PyDay on the 14th of this month.

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NESGameLib is a library for creating NES and GameBoy style games, developed by me and saluk. It features:
  • Automatic screen scaling support
  • Synced keyboard/gamepad support
  • A font module with authentic NES and GameBoy fonts
  • Dialog boxes for displaying dialog
  • Menus
  • A camera module
  • A gameobject module for easily adding and removing objects from groups
  • A geometry module with polygon collisions and response, using the Separating Axis Theorem
  • A resource loading module, for quickly loading and caching images, sounds, and music
It also has a documentation in HTML format; please let us know if it's lacking anything.

GoogleCode Project Page
Download (236 kb)


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Woo, I'm gold!

I'll be doing a solo AND a team entry, for the third time in a row! Our team entry will be a killer cool strategy game, and my solo will yet again be a platformer.

I'm going for Adventure Island-type gameplay, but much more exciting and fast-paced. I've been animating for the past 20 minutes, and I already have the hero (retrogamelib mascot Bubbman) running like all get out!

I'm still fiddling with the story, but basically you somehow are in the middle of nowhere, and an old tinkerer sends all types of robots and machines after you while screaming "Get off my lawn!" (Don't worry, the story will develop along the way). Levels will be timed and extremely hectic. In addition to wall-jumping, you'll be able to throw rocks at gophers, robots, etc. I also plan to incorporate all kinds of moving platforms, since I've never really had them before.

I'm pumped to go. Good luck to everyone!

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Well, RB[0]'s hacking away, so I'm taking advantage of the free time to work on my solo. I already have the physics and collisions done, along with the camera, animation and tiling. Still a long way from being done, but things are looking great!

Download Current Progress

Progress Screenie:

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More eye candy

I've added clouds and layered backgrounds. It all looks pretty sweet in motion.


Can haz wall jumping!


Video progress

Here's a playthrough of the test level for my solo, BubbMan 2.


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Mid Day 3 Video Update

I got rock-throwing and a nice Baddie class in this morning, and people were asking for a video, so here it is:


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End of Day 3, lots of progress

Day 3's over, and I got done:
  • Rock throwing
  • An incredibly efficient Baddie class, along with 3 different baddies
  • Powerups/fruit
  • Music and sound effects
I'm really pleased with this so far. I've got a lot to do, but I think I'll finish! Here's a screenie for y'all:


Nearly the end of day 4, more progress

Well, today I got in:
  • Fish and frog baddies
  • Water tiles
  • Spikes
  • The snow world
  • Die animation
It's getting close to crunch time. I still have to implement a world map, menus, level saving, the guy that chases you in a giant lawn mower, a volcano level, and some other stuff. Anyway, here's a screenie for you.

Download W.I.P: http://media.pyweek.org/dl/8/8ball/BubbMan2-v0.2.zip

I'm going to reward my progress with a John Wayne movie... Good luck all!

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Mid Day 5 - UI nearly done

At the middle of Day 5, I've finished the main menu and world map. I still have options to do, but that can wait.


End of Day 5 - Excellent Progress

I've got all the UI done today, except for the options which I will try to do later on tonight. Besides the UI, I've created the level progression system, the end level display (which is totally awesome), progress saving, and even cooler still, best time saving - one of my favorite features. I also made a few graphical tweaks and changes.

Todo for tomorrow:
  • The giant lawn mower that chases you
  • The energy meter - yes you'll have to worry about your energy amidst all the madness
  • An airplane that drops bombs on you
  • Ending credits/cutscene
  • Opening cutscene
  • More levels
Download current W.I.P.

Oh yes, I also have the story up on the entry page. Cheers all!


Giant lawn mowers! Chasing you! Nowai!


Night of Day 6

Hurrah! I got the ending cutscene + credits + boss in! All that's left to do is 4 more levels, the energy bar, tutorial, and perhaps an opening cutscene.

No screenie, have to leave soon for my bro's b-ball game, so I'll see you all later.

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Day 7 - Final Entry Uploaded


I've uploaded a final entry, though it still doesn't have the intro. Hopefully I'll get it in some time today, but the rest of the game is very much complete. Five levels of insanity, skill, speed, and a final boss level.

EDIT: Added the intro, I'm done!!

Good luck to everyone, there's some awesome entries I'm eagerly waiting to play :)

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BubbMan 2 - Your best times

Because time attacking is fun and all that, I'm posting some times for you to beat in BubbMan 2. If you beat a time, post it here!
  • Level 1: 19.2s
  • Level 2: 13.8s
  • Level 3: 17.4s
  • Level 4: 18.0s
  • Level 5: 34.1s
  • Level 6: 21.5s



Well, for the third time in a row, I've entered both a solo and team entry. I didn't do much in the team entry this time, though - mainly just the animation code and art. It was mostly RB[0], so congrats to him for a job well done.

BubbMan 2 is definitely my most complete PyWeek entry. I think my biggest achievement was making it excruciatingly difficult without killing the desire to continue playing. I'm exceedingly pleased with it, and most people are enjoying it, so enormous satisfaction here.

AND I AM SO D@MN SICK OF MAKING PLATFORMERS! Seriously, this will probably be my last platformer for a couple years. (In python, anyway) Next PyWeek I plan to focus on the team entry, and make a little solo on the side. BubbMan 2 was a ton of work and a good coup de grace, so you can probably only expect little arcade-y games from me in my solos hereafter.

All in all it was a great week. The community is awesome and is growing as fast as ever. I'd like to give Richard a big thank you for organizing this competition.


BubbMan 2 - Bugfix

Well, BubbMan was BuggMan till a few minutes ago - I uploaded a new release that fixes a file handling bug. Thanks to DR0ID for catching it.


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BubbMan 2 - Video Walkthrough(s)

I uploaded video walkthroughs of levels 1-5 for BubbMan 2, due to the insane difficulty. I'll upload the boss later, if you need it :)

Level 1
Level 2
Level 3
Level 4
Level 5


BubbMan 2 DX

It's finally out! Download and view all the changes here:


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